Yamaha announced it is importing the newly updated for 2012 TMax maxi-scooter to Canada.

First unveiled at the 2011 EICMA show, the 2012 Yamaha TMax received a sportier facelift and an updated 530cc engine Yamaha claims is lighter, more efficient and offers more torque at low- and mid-rpms compared to the 499cc engine found on the 2011 model. Yamaha claims the updated TMax can get up to 53 mpg, compared to the previous model’s 47 mpg claims.

“The TMax is a very interesting machine,” says John Bayliss, Yamaha Motor Canada’s motorcycle product manager. “For sure it’s practical, comfortable and fuel efficient like most scooters, but the TMax also offers a very exciting ride. From the engine and chassis, to brakes and suspension, the TMax features impressive performance in every category. Even the most skilled rider would be amazed with its ability to react like a sport bike!”

The 2012 Yamaha TMax will be available in “Bluish White” with a price tag of CN$10,499. At the moment, it appears Yamaha Motor Canada will not offer the ABS-equipped version of the TMax available in other markets.

As for whether the TMax will make it to the U.S., Yamaha Motor USA has not announced whether it will import the TMax. It’s worth noting however that Yamaha Motor Canada was recently shifted into a subsidiary of its U.S. counterpart. A Yamaha Motor Canada representative told us the move was purely an accounting decision and is not expected to impact operations, though the arrangement may give the Canadian subsidiary a stronger position in selecting product offerings from the parent company in Japan.

[Source: Yamaha]

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  • Stone Mends

    It is good machine. How much is it casing?

  • John Tyler

    No ABS? Why does Yamaha in Canada sell a high performance scooter and not give its customers the option of ABS brakes?Is the welfare of Canadian TMax buyers not important to Yamaha in Canada?

  • Karl

    I agree, NO ABS option is a lack of fore-sight on Yamaha’s part. Yamaha is doing great things with the TMAX but I believe that Canada and US buyers will spend their money elsewhere if Yamaha can’t resolve it’s problems.

  • ABS would likely add too much to the TMax’s $10,499 Canadian MSRP. With ABS as an option, we’d probably be loookng at over $11k. The high price may be one of the main reasons Yamaha Motor USA isn’t bringing the TMax over. What will be interesting is how BMW will price its C600 Sport and C650GT scooters.

  • Rob M

    Great idea but the price is way to high.
    Something like this needs to be priced in the 5k range.
    There are cars out there that get that Mileage for only a few Gs more.
    and they have a heater.
    The motorcycle industry is getting very greedy.

  • Nancy LeAnne Stewart

    I was looking at both Motor Scooters
    The Majesty and the T-Max both are good looking Scooters
    and I like everthing about both except the high cost price
    $ 6,000 and $ 10,00
    I cant afford that kind of price for a Motor Scooter even though I like the bigger Scooters
    My budget cost is $ 2,000 to $ 4,000
    Iam looking for a 250cc to a 300 cc Motor Scooter either a Yamaha Brand or a Honda Brand Motor Scooter
    Have a good day Nancy LeAnne Stewart Round Rock Texas 78664

  • michael J brown / covington La

    hello ..i bought my daughter a yamaha vino 50 last year for her birthday …SHE LOVES HER SCOOTER !! rides it a month in the city on one tank (1 galllon)…now its my Son’s turn …he attends LSU and could use it to get around campus …. i want a Tmax …he is 6’0″ tall so would one be big enough ??? also any dealers that have one .. preferably in my area …would you please contact me @ 985-630-6472 or michael_brown22@yahoo.com and whats the asking price $$$$ i need to grt om this ,,,his BD is march 15 …thanks