On its Facebook page today, Victory motorcycles released a teaser video for an upcoming model to be unveiled December 9 at 7pm CST. The video is a brief 43 seconds that begins with the sound of spray paint being shaken and black paint being “sprayed” onto the camera.

What follows is a montage centered around pinstriping and boulevard attitude, as the video sequences between scenes of a man applying pinstripes to what presumably is Victory’s new model and POV shots of this machine rolling down a typical avenue. While it’s hard to predict exactly what motorcycle Victory will be unveiling, we think it’s a safe bet that it will be bobber themed with high handlebars and feature wire wheels with red pin stripes — something along the lines of the High Ball.

We’ll post full details about the new machine when we know more. In the meantime, you can watch the teaser video below.

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  • It would be a great idea if Victory went for the mid-cruiser market rather than pushing for 1000cc+ market. Also, if Victory could put out a bike that rumbled/idled like a Harley, yet rode as smoothly as a Honda they would have a winner across the board. I see Harleys for sale after a few months simply because the sound is not enough to keep novice riders riding their shaky, uncomfortable (mid)entry-level motorcycle.

  • Rion

    Dual disk front breaks are a good start. The front tire looks thin, not quite Vegas thin, but thicker then Hammer and Kingpin. Honestly were does it show anywhere that this is a bobber? Laced Wheels do not automatically equal a bobber.
    Also A bike under 65ci (remember American brand lol) would be smart, but I would kill for an 80ci with a 6 speed.

  • Tom Brooks

    Unless it has double four piston front breaks and ABS, I am not interested. I am looking to buy a US made bike this spring and all Victory cruisers still have no ABS option, only touring models have which I am not interested. Victory do not make me buy a Harley, but unless you get your gears right I will have no choice!

  • Hi Tom, if you opt for a hammer you won’t need ABS. Both brakes have loads of feel and control. The front twin calipers are more than enough stopping power and the bike handles like a dream on the 250 rear section tyre. Regards. Pete

  • Chief Waldo

    Same old stuff, different paint. When Victory introduced the Vision, they made a bold step toward becoming a competitor in the world market. They’ve been backing away from that ever since. They just want to be Harley lookalikes.

  • Greg Pierce

    The people that complain that the manufacturers won’t make what they want are not the people that will buy it if they did make it!

  • Aaron

    Truth, My ’03 Vegas with swept pipes sounds better than a Harley (or so several Harley riders have told me) and rides at least as smooth as a Honda.

  • Mike

    We have a cross country, that my wife rides. However with the largest growing population of riders being women. I am thinking something along the lines of a heritage deluxe type bike. Bobber is a limited market and most of those are custom builds i thought! Ithink it is gonna be 1200 cc or less cruiser style. IMHO

  • Ben Payne

    I can’t believe anyone would want a smaller engine, or a harley for that matter. Victory is the best if your looking for performance and nice ride and over all good looks. Settle for boring just makes you envy the Victory brand that much more. I started with a 05 Vegas 8 ball. It was so great looking somebody stole her. I love the engine size big, load, and fast with 49 plus mpg. Have a new Jackpot now and love it just as much. Even bigger engine and I still get 45 mpg. So why go smaller? Or Harley?

  • Da Doctor

    V-Twin Sport bike. Take it to the bank.

  • Vicrider

    With all of this build up, I will be very disappointed if the new bike is just another vegas with different wheels, bars and paint, IE the highball. Don’t get me wrong, its a great bike, but I was expecting something revolutionary, like the Vision was. Although the top brass at Victory have repeatedly said they will not enter the entry level market, it would behoove them to do so. Too many of my riding buddies ride harleys (sportsters mostly) because they, as college students, cannot afford a $13k victory. Vic really should take a page out of harley’s book by establishing brand loyalty with younger riders (read 18-28 year olds), which will pay dividends in the future with their already outstanding cruiser and touring bikes. What they should do is come out with the motor designed for the vision 800 concept and put it in a modestly priced (+-$8k) entry bike along the lines of a CORE bike. That way newer riders arent forced to other brands like undependable harleys, or anemic riding hondas before being ready for a big vic. I am looking forward to seeing what they have come up with, but new paint and bars do not make an new model. Hopefully Vic will wow us all.

  • Rio

    Ben Payne –
    People don’t go smaller because of size wants.
    They go smaller because of cost. Vic’s are far too customized used, and still cost as much as a mid sized new. What I want is a vic that MSRP’s in the 10k range. I can almost get a subcompact car for 13k. the bike I described (80ci, 6speed) could be had in that range.

  • Sportbike? No – they’ll have seen how Harley are doing with the VR and XR and back away.

    Vision? Yes very radical and exceptional bike – we ran the 8-Ball for six months and miss it every single journey – but too radical for the mainstream market, who won’t swing a leg across one before condemning it. Again, see Harley’s VR experience.

    Front tyre too skinny, Rion? It’s the same as the Hammer and Cross-series if you read the lettering.

    Smaller? Can’t see them being in a hurry to add a new motor to the range just yet, when Polaris already committed to redesigning the Indian.

    A classic-styled, bobbed Hammer to replace the normal model that has been canned, or a street Cross-series taking the LE Classic in a different direction is my guess.