Yamaha has released new details for its Y125 MOEGI following the concept model’s debut at the 2011 Tokyo Motor Show. (Updated with video and hi-res photography.)

We already knew Yamaha is equipping the MOEGI with a 125cc engine and the retro-styled concept looks to be exceptionally light. How light? How does 176 pounds sound?

Yamaha also claims fuel economy of 80 km/l (about 188 mpg), though with only a 0.8 gallon tank, range is limited to 150 miles or so.

Styling-wise, the MOEGI looks like a cross between a bicycle and the YA-1, Yamaha’s first motorcycle, introduced in 1955. Other features include fuel injection, a four-speed transmission, belt drive and low-maintenance LED lights.

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[Source: Yamaha]

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  • jim

    come on Yamaha build this so I can buy one! Love It. Bring this to Daytona for bike week!

  • jack margetts

    how much does the moegi 125 cost delivered to queensland australia & when can i have one

  • Johnfpeters

    I want to buy one, now. Folly Beach S C

  • pierre morasse

    gorgeous where can i buy one right now

  • eduardo Molina

    i wish i could have one moegi. el paso tx

  • Nicholas Simmons

    These things are sick. I would totally buy one.

  • John Rockhold

    Does the ice water from hell come with that bike? Lord, what sucker believes this bike story?

  • schnurrer michael

    I would like to know the price of a moegi yamaha 125 and if it is possible to import this to belgium.

    With regards,
    schnurrer michael

  • Capt. Daniel Pieters

    Michael Schnurrer, do you have a brother named GEORGE and another brother named SANDRO, ans is your mother’s name GIULIANA?
    Please contact me ASAP iratherbesailing@yahoo.com

    Thank you,