Kawasaki has released another teaser for its upcoming revised ZX-14, now dubbed ZX-14R. In the first video, a couple of numbers are cryptically displayed: 84 x 65mm. This is a thinly veiled reference to its bore and stroke dimensions, indicating the biggest Ninja received a 4mm stroke elongation, which would bump the bike’s displacement from 1352cc to 1441cc. The vid concludes with “10/10/2011,” which is the day Kawasaki will release full details on what will undoubtedly be the most powerful motorcycle Kawasaki has ever built. Crankshaft-rated horsepower will likely be more than 200 ponies.

The other two videos don’t offer much usable information. The second one displays the ZX-14’s traditional Testarossa-like strakes on the side fairings, now updated with a curved pattern, while the video’s thumbnail picture shows a revision of the bike’s nose, still with a large air intake above dual headlights, the latter in a new design that might employ LED rings around the main bulb like BMW’s K1600s.

The third video is similar to the previous teasers, using a fictional helicopter-based traffic reporter flying over a city who gets shocked by a mysterious high-speed streaming light over a main artery that explodes into a brilliant flash when it intersects with the city’s core structures. We hope the new ZX-14R didn’t hit a building…

You can check out the video teasers at http://ninja14r.kawasaki.com/witness/.

  • KurtiS

    It has to kick Hayabusa`s back designwise.

    It can have 250 ps with ram air,doesnt matter. but most important thing is design.

    for me, if just facelift,make up, then forget it.

    Design must be revolutionary like hayabusa was in 1999.

    what you think about it Kevin?

  • It will be interesting to see the full extent of the 14’s overhaul. Mechanically, I expect it to have the Busa covered in terms of weight, handling and braking, as Kawi has had plenty of time to benchmark the Suzuki. Style-wise, the glimpses we’ve seen indicate a more contemporary and dramatic fairing design, even if the chassis bones are similar to the old ZX-14. Should be fun on the strip and the fastest motorcycle thru the quarter mile!

  • Let’s Get serious folks…
    Do You want to go really fast?
    Then “Turbo-Charge” the Kawasaki: ZX-14R!
    put some Performance Machine Aluminum Wheels on it,
    Get a 10 Inch Swingarm extention, and an Air Shifter;
    Prepare for an instant: 8 Second run at 170 m.p.h. plus

    “National Hot Rodding Association” / at its best,
    We need a: “Funny Bike” category in this racing world –
    to compete with the Pro Stock cars… which are 10 m.p.h. faster than Pro Stock bikes, when they can go 7 seconds at 225 m.p.h. then the bikers will have their real fun!!!

  • A longer swingarm and a quickshifter might be enough alone to get it into the 8s!