A new era has begun as the first Indian Motorcycle under the ownership of Polaris Industries has been produced at the company’s Spirit Lake, Iowa, factory.

The landmark first Polaris-owned Indian won’t be heading right to the showroom floor however; instead, it will undergo extensive testing and evaluation by Polaris. As such, this particular Indian Chief Vintage, and the rest of the 2012 Indian line, will be fairly similar to Indian’s previous offerings, save for some minor updates to catch any issues Polaris already discovered.

The 2012 Indian models will be equiped with air-cooled, fuel injected 105ci (1720cc) engines, six speed transmissions, chrome laced wheels, 5.5 gallon fuel tanks, Brembo brakes, long fenders and an array of color options.

The 2013 lineup will likely see more substantial updates, including perhaps a switch to the 106ci engine used on Victory models.

[Source: Polaris]

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  • Craig Alberhasky

    If they haven’t rubber mounted that engine yet then it will get vilified by all the motorcycle magazines. Nobody needs to pay 20K+ for a bike that vibrates your feet off the floorboards and gives you the dead white finger syndrome.

  • John A. Stockman

    I sure hope Polaris starts using a different engine or one of their own Victory powerplants like the article mentioned. Otherwise, it’s just another harley-clone poseur-mobile with valanced fenders. Polaris needs to give the Indian brand it’s own identity (get rid of that engine), along with decent handling, acceptable vibration and something I can lean without levering the tire off the road. Just because I might like a cruiser and a more sedate pace, doesn’t mean I should have to give up a real-world lean angle for times that call for it. Maybe Polaris will get it right, something the clone/chopper dorks could never understand.

  • Gerard

    I am a HD owner, but have been fond of Polaris/Victory since
    a young man at my job bought an Arlen Ness, and with their
    new Cruiser, Polaris is making some noise. Could not think
    of a better company for Indian to continue it’s legacy with.
    The Dark Horse in Smoke Black is off the hook. best of luck

  • My first motorcycle was a 1948 Chief and I liked it a lot. Was very fast and left the HDs in the dust. I wasn’t happy when I saw the first ones being brought back which had a HD style motor. I was hopping to see there own. Now they have one and it is nice. I hear that they might use the 106 motor in it and that would be even nicer as I like that motor. Had a Hammer and liked it so much. You can’t go wrong with that combination of motor and trans. It’s the best on the market so far being from America. All the qualities that I like in a motorcycle drive train. Like the long fenders too. Makes it all its own motorcycle.

  • capapreta

    hello.when do you aspect to hopen a indian shop in portugal?
    best regards.

  • Jamal Uddin

    This bike is so nice. If i have this ! I am crazy for motorbike like that…………..