Suzuki’s motorcycle business saw a profit for the first time in 11 quarters despite selling 21.0% fewer motorcycles.

In the quarter ended June 30, 2011, Suzuki saw an operating income of 300 million yen (US$3.8 million), compared to a loss of 1.8 billion yen (US$22.9 million) reported in the same quarter of 2010. Suzuki netted 75.4 billion yen (US$961.5 million) in motorcycle sales over the quarter, a year-on-year increase of 8.0% from 69.8 billion yen (US$890.0 million) in 2010.

Looking at unit sales however, the picture is less rosy. Suzuki sold 648,000 motorcycles over the quarter (including 6,000 ATVs), a decrease from the 820,000 units (with 7,000 of them ATVs) in the same quarter of 2010. Sales in China accounted for most of the decrease, as sales dropped to 215,000 units from 429,000 units.

North American sales fell to 15,000 units from17,000 units while European sales dropped from 33,000 units to 25,000 units. Meanwhile, Suzuki saw increases in unit sales in Japan (22,000 vs. 20,000), Africa (31,000 vs. 23,000) and Central and South America (48,000 vs. 36,000).

Overall, Suzuki saw a net profit of 18.7 billion yen (US$238.4 million), a 23.6% increase from the 15.2 billion yen (US$193.8 million) reported a year earlier.

[Source: Suzuki]

  • Alex Kovnat

    Unfortunately one of the bikes Suzuki did manage to sell in the USA, was stolen. A fellow employee where I work, bought a 750 cc. “Gixxer” only for some lousey jerk to steal it only two weeks later.

  • keith Cox

    Being a Suzuki Burgman Exec enthusiast,I am on my fourth Burgman,I can’t understand Suzuki not updating this machine since 2008 and their total lack of advertising of this marvellous maxi Scooter,I will not buy another one until they are updated