Italian motorcycle manufacturer, Aprilia, has posted a YouTube video showing a battle between the company’s flagship sportbike, the RSV4 Factory APRC SE, and a Nissan sportscar, the GT-R.

We’ve seen a number of these bike vs. car videos before, but they always strike me as a little suspect, as you never know if the pilot of either vehicle is really trying their best, or not, to win the race. And since it looks like this duel apparently isn’t conducted by an independent disinterested party, or a car or bike magazine, it makes me say, “Hmmm…?”

But, the 1:44 video is entertaining nevertheless. And while the video edit shows that the Nissan often has the advantage in cornering — as most four wheel vehicles will — the GT-R also often looks bulky and lumbering next to the spritely RSV4. The Aprilia, with its high power-to-weight ratio typical of most motorcycles, seems to cane the car in the straights. And does so to the tune of a healthy victory over what is otherwise a doggone fast car.

Think this car vs. bike battle is legit? Or possibly slanted? You make the call and let us know in the feedback below.


2011 Aprilia RSV4 Factory APRC SE Review

  • KurtiS

    doesnt look real.

    1:15 gtr driver takes long way….

    if legit, still aprilia could win.

    but this vid. doesnt impress me

  • Arpith

    Here is a vid off youtube.I know it’s top gear but a BMW S1000rr races the car that maybe has the highest power to weight ratio.

    Some cheap music has been edited in but if you can catch the original vid… is an intense race…

  • Bechego

    Racing a car against a bike on a track brings the element of safety for the bike rider so the car driver might have to take it easy when it closes in. So, this comparison cannot answer all the questions. Looking at specific test (e.g 0-60, 1/4 mile, 1 or 2 times around the track), done separately, might tell a more accurate story.