Honda has initiated a recall campaign for certain 2010-2011 Shadow series cruisers due to a problem with their bank angle sensors.

According to documents filed with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, the bank angle sensors may incorrectly read that the motorcycle is leaning. The bank sensor uses a weighted pendulum that swings into a motorcycle’s lean. Under certain conditions, engine vibrations at around 3000 rpm can move the pendulum as if the motorcycle was leaning, even it is standing straight. Friction between the pendulum and the inside surface of the lean angle sensor may also prevent the pendulum from returning to center.

If the pendulum swings beyond the 42.5 degree mark, it causes the engine to shut off. Normally, this would indicate the motorcycle is tipping beyond its safe lean angle, shutting off the engine in advance of a crash.

American Honda received one report of a Shadow engine unexpectedly stopping with four similar but unconfirmed reports of engines stalling in May 2010. Another seven similar complaints were received while Honda investigated the cause of the problem.

According to Honda, this problem is more likely to occur on newer Shadow models with less than 500 miles, as the surface friction decreases the longer the motorcycle is in use. All reported units were within their first 500 miles of riding. No reports were made with models with over 500 miles.

The recall affects the 2011 Honda VT750C-A, VT750C-AC, as well as the 2010-2011 VT750C2B-A and VT750C2B-AC.

Honda dealers will replace the bank angle sensors on affected units.

[Source: NHTSA]

  • John Garaguso

    I just purchased 2011 Shadow Aero VT750 today. 7/16/11. Are the new floor models affected by this recall or do you think Honda corrected the problem on all un-sold bikes?

  • Legally, dealers have to correct any recall issues before they can sell them so you should be okay. Repaired units should have a punch mark in front of the first character (it should be a J) of the VIN on the right side of the steering head. If you’re really unsure, bring it back and ask the dealer.

  • richard mcdaniel

    how long to fix angle sensor?

  • Kenneth Bradley

    I had the engine quite three times while riding. It doesn’t do it anymore (after 2500 kilometers).
    I do have a engine oil light that flickers. I have checked the oil level and the battery and they are fine. If I lean the bike to the left the light goes out. I have no trouble starting the bike and the light comes on after about one minute. It is currently in the shop and they will look at it. I am without a bike for one week. It is a warrany item. It is a 2011 VT750ABC Shadow.