Every year in the motorcycling world there are a few new motorcycles that gather the collective interest of enthusiasts across the country. This year those two models included the new entry-level sportbike from Honda, the CBR250R, and the new luxo-touring bike from BMW, the K1600GT and K1600GTL.

While enthusiasts are gearing up for delivery of their new bikes there is a place for them to enthusiastically discuss their new purchase, or perhaps, for those who have not yet purchased, a sounding board for their thoughts.

Motorcycle.com owns and operates the largest network of motorcycle forum sites online, and we are proud to have dedicated sites for these two new platforms. Please be sure to take a look at how new owners are receiving their new machines at:

Honda CBR250R Forum

BMW K1600GT and K1600GTL Forum

Stop by and hope you can meet some new friends, share some adventures, and detail your technical aptitude!

  • maybe we all have often wondered why more and more frequent touring motorcycle in mass production
    What is the condition of roads in the world that increasingly less likely to superbike get maximum speed,
    or indeed the condition of the fuel which is now extremely difficult to obtain

  • A whole lot of advertisements on the CBR-250 forum, yucky.
    I’ll stay on hondacbr125r.com as I expect them to expand and there’s a huge wealth of information already there.
    Interesting to note that this other baby CBR forum has Suzuki advertising lol.