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Mercedes-Benz’s high-performance tuning subsidiary AMG has released the first of likely many commercials featuring its partnership with Ducati. AMG and Ducati announced their partnership in November, which includes sponsorship of the Ducati MotoGP as well as various marketing and cross-promotional opportunities.

In the video above, a handsome European couple race from their luxurious beachfront home to a slightly less luxurious beachfront restaurant for breakfast. The man hops into the seat of a C63 AMG Coupe while the woman straddles a Ducati 848 EVO (both, along with all the buildings apparently, in a similar shade of off-white).

This being AMG’s show, of course, the car wins. I’m not sure about anyone else though, but I’d definitely take the Ducati (and the girl!) any day.

  • Brett

    I own a 2011 848Evo. I don’t understand what the message is in this video. I guess they were racing to lunch. Left me feeling confused.

  • This surely is one of my favorite of the current crop of Ducatis, drop dead gorgeous.

  • Kevin

    pretty sure when he says “are you ready” at the end that they just dubbed that in (pretty badly)…

  • pukka

    It’s a commercial about a car… Brett, seriously dude it’s not rocket science.