Christini, a U.S. company known for building all-wheel drive conversion kits for motorcycles, is coming out with its own line of motorcycles.

Two models are currently in the works – a Christini AWD 450 model with a retail price point of $6,895 and a Christini AWD 300 model featuring a Gas Gas 300 engine and other high-end racing components for an estimated retail price point of $8,995. According to Christini, the two new AWD models are priced and configured to compete in the market head-to-head with products offered by the major OEMs. Each unit will be final assembled in the Christini AWD Philadelphia facility with frames and AWD drive system components designed by Christini. Check out specs for both models below the jump.

“We have been planning the launch of our own branded AWD factory models for years and believe the new price points will provide the opportunity for every motorcycle enthusiast to experience the quality and improved benefit of AWD,” says Steve Christini, president of Christini AWD. “We presently sell our custom AWD motorcycles in the US and more than 20 other countries and fully expect the availability of a complete factory Christini AWD model to dramatically increase the market reach.

“Our AWD system is race tested, extremely durable and has been ridden with great success in US and international races over the past 4 years. We look forward with great enthusiasm to the worldwide commercial launch our branded Christini AWD factory products.”

New Christini AWD Specs
Christini AWD 450 Christini AWD 300
• Twin Spar Aluminum Frame

• 450 cc Liquid Cooled Four Stroke

• 5 Speed Wide Ratio Transmission

• Electric and Kick Start

• Suspension: 12” Front & Rear

• Link Suspension

• Ground Clearance: 14”

• 21” Front Tire

• 18” Rear Tire

• 2.6 Gallon Tank

• Seat Height 37.5”

• AWD Drive Ratio 0.64:1

• AWD Engagement Switch

• 1 Year AWD Warranty

• Steel Frame

• 300 cc Liquid Cooled Gas Gas Engine

• 6 Speed Wide Ratio Transmission

• Kick Start

• Hydraulic Clutch

• Twin Cooling Fans

• Suspension: 12” Front & Rear

• PDS Rear Shock

• Ground Clearance: 15”

• 21” Front Tire

• 18” Rear Tire

• 2.8 Gallon Tank

• Seat Height 39”

• AWD Drive Ratio 0.64:1

• AWD Engagement Switch

• 1 Year AWD Warranty

  • What drives the front wheel? A hydraulic motor? Worm gear off a cable? Little gnomes turning a hand-crank? A giant rubber band? A wiener dog? Prease Exprain!

  • Jan Polasek

    I do enduro here in Guatemala in a WR-250 Yamaha. As I am 64 years old I use a revloc cluth and I will love to have a AWD motorcycle. I will like to know if you are goinbg to sell it in Guatemala and if you can adapt a centrifugal revloc clutch with left hand rear brake.

  • majid shali

    that’s so great!
    I saw it on Ersberg enudro racing,


  • This is cool. Prevents the front end from washing out in turns so you can come in really hot. Holeshots must be pretty good on this thing too. Would love to see some race footage. I assume you have to tweak your style at least a little.