It was a great day at work for Duke, riding not only the new 848 EVO, but also the new 1198 SP.

Ducati’s 848 impressed us when it was introduced in 2007, offering exotic Italian style along with more power than any 600 supersport. Now Ducati offers a significant upgrade to it called the 848 EVO, which we had a chance to sample at the historic circuit in the town of Imola, Italy.

The EVO package includes 6 extra horsepower, a higher rev limit, upgraded Brembo monobloc brakes, and the addition of a steering damper.

That’s the short story for now. Stay tuned for a full report on the EVO, plus a sampling of the bitchin’ new SP version of the top-dog 1198.

  • Always loved Ducati but the 848 always looked a bit “off” to me. Not sure why.

  • Elaine Frege

    Wow it’s great having the Ducati 848 EVO more futuristic hope it will be available soon by us…

  • MtrHead1975

    I love the white body work and red frame and wheels…Super sweet…Just need to get duke a storm trooper helmet now…

  • Super sweet, super smooth mean machine, just what i need for my daily commute here in the Phnom Penh traffic!