Susan Carpenter is the L.A. Times staff motorcycle writer and recently had a chance to ride this exclusive (only 63 motorcycles will be made) and expensive (starting at $72,000) Confederate Motors P120 Fighter around the streets of L.A. for a day.

Check out Carpenter’s video review after the jump.


  • MtrHead1975

    wow $72,000 for a worthless pice of seat to speak of crap suspension.Alot of money to pose by.

  • toomanycrayons

    Funny, after the first “Hey!” I settled into “Ugly/Awkward.” Isn’t there enough useless bum-jewelry in the world? Maybe it was the commentary; maybe it was the sound. I drove a VW van that sounded like that end shot. What happened? And, for that price I could get a decent Ducati and ride in Italy for a year. Maybe, two? Moving on…

  • phil bourgeois

    Why? I don’t get it. Costs too much….

  • martin Twofeather


  • Zsir

    Looks like a concept bicycle from Wal-Mart.

  • Dave

    Wow… That thing is a monster streetfighter. Unconventional, mean, and a lot of attention to detail without reverting to wispy airbrushed flames or glossy fluff and chrome. Unique and BADASS… I WANT.

  • Boo Boo LaRue

    I think they’re building 62 too many…alright 63. At least the oil is easy to check.

  • Matt

    The rider, accountant, and the mechanic in me would probably never consider owning this bike but the designer in me for the most part loves many of the industrial details & lines of the bike and it’s overall defiance of the status quo cruiser. If your looking for rebelious custom exclusivity the P120 delivers almost to a fault.

  • Ryan

    It’s funny how the majority of “custom” bikes look like so many others. The P120 does not have that problem. And while the price and styling are outrageous, I bet they sell every one they make. Confederate has been around since the early 90s, so somebody is buying these bikes.

  • fem

    Looks nice but my wallet as well as my bum aint gonna like this one…!

  • John

    Its so funny how some people who dont have ten cents in their pocket slam expensive toys that they know they will never be able to have. I ride a 55k bourget and get dissed by harley riders all the time, it makes me laugh.

  • Your Bourget still sucks…

  • Aurelio Valporto

    I think that 1 piece of this crap is too much. Who is crazy enough to pay 72k grain is a piece of junk like this???

  • Joe

    Please please PLEASE understand what you’re saying before you put it before thousands of people. Word salads are of NO value whatsoever.

    What the hell is “aircraft grade aluminum?” That’s a term that gets passed around from “journalist” to “journalist,” but has no meaning. Aircraft use many different aluminum alloys for different purposes; which alloy did you have in mind as “aircraft grade,” and what makes that alloy more “aircraft grade” than the other alloys used in aircraft?

    “. . . more likely to be found in the cockpit of a Piper Cub . . .” I’ll bet my last nickle that you don’t know what a Piper Cub is. Hint . . . Cessna hasn’t made one for 64 years.

    And what do you think are attributes of a Piper Cub that sets it apart from thousands of similar old planes, and makes it a useful touchstone for switches?

    What is that first instruction for budding writers? Write what you know? Try it.

  • Dave

    That Bike is so far out there a Caveman could ride it and might scratch his ass first, at 72 grand no dinner tonight.