In June 2000, the UK Government launched a campaign called, Think! Road Safety, the goal is to reduce road deaths and serious injuries by sending a message to people to take responsibility for their own safety as well as others on the road.

The campaign in the past has produced TV spots that were taken off the air due to their gruesomeness but they have taken a much more gentle and humorous approach with this one.

Check it out after the jump along with a short video on the making of the commercial.

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  • This message is very important! I have yet to see one motorcycle saftey commercial in the united states! Will this be aired here?

  • When’s our government or the AMA going to come up with something like this? A much better use of time and money than fighting over noise limits!

  • The Motorcycle Awareness Campaign (MAC) has Yard Signs and Billboards ” Watch Out for Motorcycle” in Louisiana USA

  • What a great and catchy way to make drivers remember that they are always sharing the road with motorcycles.