The city of Myrtle Beach mailed out refunds to anyone who actually paid the fine for not wearing a motorcycle helmet from February 2009 to this summer after the state Supreme Court declared the law invalid.  After hearing two lawsuits in February, the high court found that the city had superseded state law, therefore the helmet law was unconstitutional.

In total, 141 tickets were issued at $100 during the time the law was on the books, not only is the city refunding the full amount but also added interest on top depending on when the ticket was paid.


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  • davey dave

    I ride with a helmet always, but it is a freedom in the US, I believe they shouldnt have laws about this or seatbelts. The Government isnt here to protect us from ourselvs, if an adult knows the risk and accepts it, they should be able to do it.

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  • Aubrey

    Actually, if there’s a substantial cost to “the people”, the government is well within its mandate to create laws that govern the activity of individuals. Obviously, the line between personal freedom/responsibility and the greater good, is a very fuzzy one and will feel different for everyone.