Picking up a new leather jacket is always fun. It looks good, it smells great, and it fits just right…as long as you avoid that third helping at dinner. About the only downside is that leather jackets cost money – sometimes quite a lot. To help solve this financial dilemma, Victory Motorcycles and Motorcycle.com have teamed up for the Fuel It & Win It contest.

For a chance to take home a brand new leather jacket from Victory, just visit the contest page and fill out the short survey. It’s that easy.

  • I filled out the entry, but regarding the question about the part of the country I live in:

    Where is “Southwest”? I would almost put Houston in the Southeast, but, then, we line up vertically with the Midwest. Anyway, there’s no good answer here. (I chose “West” even though there isn’t a tumbleweed for 300 miles.)

  • I was just wondering is this contest still on..I know it’s been a while and it’s a longshot but just didn’t wanna miss on it if it’s still on… Any I tried going to the contest page but the page just doen’t seem to load properly..I just get a blank page when I click on the above link…