Here at we generally have nice things to say about Harley-Davidson products. But we also like a good joke. Especially when it’s full of biting sarcasm.

This YouTuber and motorcycle enthusiast shows his support for Erik Buell and his… er…um… obvious disappoint with Harley’s decision to shutter Buell.

We don’t endorse the tainted view of Harley as seen in this video, but even if you’re a Harley devotee, ya gotta admit it’s funny!

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  • HondaDriver

    It’s not just funny, but sad, because it’s true.

  • bmw rider

    this video is the most honest add for harleys I have ever seen pity harley didn’t make it

  • George

    I own a Harley and i have to say everything the man says is absoluty the truth.
    thats why im selling my harley and buying a foreign bike

  • Vrooom

    Hillarious. How they failed to make Buell work is a mystery to me, but the video is a reasonable depiction of Harley’s strategy for the last 25 years. If they hope to keep growing their going to have to fall out of love with that look on at least a few models, and get to a modern 4 valve liquid cooled twin with a 10K rev limiter and geometry that allows it to handle twisties with the italians and japanese. If they don’t they’ll still sell bikes, but the explosive growth is over. They were getting closer with the V-rod, but the geometry still wasn’t right.

  • You will burn in hell for those sacrilegious comments.
    How dare you besmirch the HD organization!

  • KC

    While I’m not a particular fan of everything-Harley (or cruisers, in general), you could just as easily portray sport bikes as being just as silly, and catering to those overly-concerned with being noticed.

  • Jeff

    I have a 2008 Ultra,and other than routine stuff (tires and oil) it’s never needed any work in 20k miles. Harleys are just as teched-out as any other bike, they just use the tech to build what they want. What’s more telling is how much people love to hate Harleys. Methinks thou doth protest too much. But it is too bad about Buell. C’est la vie.

  • Wayne

    I love it! And right here in my own back yard, I’ve been in that shop, and past it countless times. But I’m sick to death of Harleys, no real performance but astronomical prices and they’ve become sooooo ubiquitous. “Look ma, another old guy on a Harley, and another, and another…and there’s some more!!!”

  • Steve Bentley

    Sad, but true. Harley likes to include a picture of one of their old bikes in a lot of advertisements but if you own one, take it to a dealership and try to get it worked on. I’ve been riding Harley’s since 1966 and I’ve heard stories of signs at their service entrances that say, “If it was made before 84, don’t darken our door”. I also read a letter that said “Harley-Davidson is in the business to sell new motorcycles, not restore old ones”. Now, does this sound like the company is turning it’s back on it’s heritage? Does to me. No Thanks, I’ll keep my Shovelhead even if I have to use Chinese parts to keep it running. It’s a shame.

  • david none

    another cool safety device i see harley riders use is the cigarette!

  • david none

    even though doesnt endorse it, you must see that its all pretty much true? i actually dont have a problem with harleys, its the idiots that buy them and bar hop and try to look cool. my dad has had and has harleys now, but he puts many miles on without a “doo rag”

  • Steve Bentley

    Well, I see you rice burner riders jumped at the chance to rag our Harley’s. You’re just mad because your one year old rice rocket isn’t worth as much as my 40 year Harley. Harley hasn’t changed their bike much because that’s what sells their bike. When you sell everything you make, why change. Your Japanese factories wish they could sell all they made. If every bike was the same, why would you need more than one bike company. You take Suzuki,Honda, Kawasaki, Yamaha, they’re all the same except the colors. They look the same, they sound the same. And you wonder why Harley still sell even though they use obsolete technology. Now, I am the same Steve Bentley already posted but don’t take what I said the wrong way. I’d rather give up motorcycling rather than ride one of those foreign made pieces of c***. See if you can keep your junk running for 40 years. Even though Harley doesn’t stand behind their stuff (they’re getting like the Japs) enough do that we can still ride ride ours. Think I fire up the old ’65 Panhead for putt down the road. Got a good Honda Dream to ride with me? I didn’t think so.

  • steve is bent ley

    well, my hog just broke down again n now im gonna buy a Kawasaki 250 Ninga. Ive realised why there is more than 1 jap brand- competition.. no one would want to compete with such a pile of c*** as hd- its a shrinking margin as people get more intelligent.. my new 250cc jap bike is twice as fast as that ol thing i had before! i realised that there are many 40 yr + jap bikes, and they actually have disc brakes even then! praise the japanese lord!

  • Harley had a real bad run in 70,s-80,s.HARLEY basically has 5 models.If i wanted to have a thumper that couldn,t get out of it,s own way,i,d buy a harley,That is after i morgaged my house.So i,ll stick with my suzuki M109R,BUILT VERY WELL WITH THE BEST MIRRORS IN TOWN.I always see your harleys clearly behind me.Let,s toast to the most boring overpriced,bike made in the usa,And let victory (made in usa) put u out of business

  • jelle de graaf

    rode all kind of bikes but i like harley more than all that tupperware shit