Shervin Rezaiy (a.k.a. ShervinRRR), a member of, part of the forum network, has found a novel approach to modding his sportbike.

Such as punching speed holes in his license plate:

Making his own LED turn signals:

Crafting his own exhaust out of aluminum sheet metal (also see the image at the top):

Cutting holes into the bike’s frame:

And creating new air intakes where none existed before:

Is he for real? Or is this just another Internet hoax?

ShervinRRR’s forum account has since been banned from the site after a classic internet forum flame-out. You can catch the gory details here.

Check out more of the Shervinator’s work at the Gallery or on Flickr.

Somebody get ready and dial 9 and 1 on your phone and just wait for the inevitable to happen.

  • David

    I wonder if he calculated the new section modulus of the modified frame to see if it would still be adequate to handle the forces? I seriously doubt it. I think making such modificaitons to the frame was a bad idea.

  • Duken4evr

    This belongs on Maybe it already is.

  • Andrew Baker

    Wow, thats some serious proof of “Darwin” in action. Wonder if he realizes he can gain similar performance gains by having a bowel movement before his ride.

  • Cutting a frame like he did certainly isn’t advisable. It is fun to flip through some of his pictures on Flickr. At least he’s giving it a go and has some creativity. Though I doubt that home made muffler that’s bolted together is going to last any more than a couple hundred miles.

  • watcycle

    Id say he probably had a rather spectacular bowel movement right in the midle of the first high speed sweeper on his first ride after the very foolish butchery was completed.I fail to see how it could possibly fall into the modified catergory as far as I know mdifiction is supposed to improve not to destroy

  • watcycle

    sory about my spectacular typo on last comment I realy can spell just cant type modification there

  • Lotso

    Whatta stoopid dooshbag. I know that’t not how you spell it, but this guy isn’t even worth correct spelling.

  • ….So I am a dooch bag and SHERVIN REZAIY! Muffler does not last more than 200 miles and the ram air modification does not work or it is not real or… Ok; However, The ram air modification worked over 6000 miles already, The SHERVIN REZAIY Muffler worked over 8000miles ALREADY – and still works in excellent condition and you guys – who are not a bunch of douche bags and are a bunch of intelligent geniuses!!! – are still calculating that if this guy’s ideas are for real or if they are going to work or if they ever happened (was built and made…!

    It is not the matter if they are going to happen or not! The fact is that They ALREADY DID Happened (designed and made) and they already DID Worked!!!


  • Lazlo

    If you want to drop some more weight off your bike.. you can empty the oil out of the bottom before riding.. and then drill a few holes in the side of your crank case covers..

    Obviously consult your own mechanic before doing any of this work… or give Sherman a call and he will be glad to do the work for a fee.

    I just gave myself a lobotomy.. It made me faster.

  • Pete

    Saw the same thing posted up on the motorcycle news (MCN) website and Bike Fail – 2005 Kawasaki ZX10R ruined

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