Harley-Davidson opened its first dealer in China in 2005, they now have four dealers operating nationwide (Shanghai, Beijing, Qingdao and Hong Kong). Harley reported that sales had doubled in China last year and plans to open four new dealerships this year (Wenzhou, Xiamen, Dalian and Chengdu). According to Rodney Copes, Harley’s Vice President of international sales, China is the fastest growing market for the American motorcycle manufacture.

  • PerformanceIsKey

    Might as well, a high percentage of the HD parts come from China.

  • Harley Owner

    Nothing on a HD comes from China. In the 80’s the speedometer and the Keihin carburettor were Japanese made. Now the carburettor is replaced by a Delphi EFI system and Bosch oxygen sensors. The speedometer is part of the electronic security and turn signal system. The engine, transmission, frame, tank, wheels and shocks are all American made. The tires are made by Dunlop. Why make a comment that doesn’t make any sense?

  • Harley Clothes Owner

    Harley Owner, PerformanceIsKey was referring to clothes; the most important Harley parts to all Harley owners.

  • I’m in China and went looking at the new Harleys here. I would have bought one too untill I found out the price. For a Sportster 883low with custom blue paint and spoke wheels they wanted just about double the msrp conus. A wapping USD14179.00 I was blown away and began to realize how the Chinese are keeping us out of the market by exorbitant tariffs and taxes. Mini Cooper a very cute car was the same. Just about double the price in the US or Europe.

  • victorlau22

    Gentlemen, welcome to Asia. Cars and motorbikes are generally twice or more the price that you pay in US. What we pay for a Camry here, it is probably the equivalent of a Mercedes-Benz top-of-the-line E-Class in the US.

  • I would like to buy a Harley Davidson t shirt from a shop in China if they make them.

  • Nancy

    I have a Harley Davidson Factory #1 sign that is 6.5’x 5.5′ lights up never been used still in crate. I’ve been told it is worth over 20K. I am in the process of selling the sign. Anyone interested.

  • P Starr

    H.D? Nope. I had one for a VERY SHORT period. Overpriced and VERY uncomfortable. Parts, labor, even oil change – very expensive. Once you buy it, H.D owns you. Price out their parts and labor first unless you want to ride it the same way off the show room. We’ve been riding YAMAHA ROADSTAR for five years now. We love it.

  • With so many people in China taking such a strong interest in Canadian culture lately, I suspect that Harley Davidson will be successful in this market.

  • Danielle Meyer

    Will be in beijing and shanghai january 2013. Who can tell me where to get harley davidson T-shirts in both of these cities?
    Thks a lot

  • Mick Evans

    I would give up riding before I sat on a piece of Jap crap. I’ve owned 5 Harleys since the mid 80’s and never spent a minute on the side of the road broken down.And if you learn to service your own bike, the costs are minimal. Know your Harley. They’re not rocket science.