Never underestimate the little guy. You may remember the video of the BMW S1000RR pulling a tablecloth out from under a meticulously decorated table. Well, a proud Vespa owner attempted a similar trick with his 50cc scoot. You can see the video below the jump.

It may not be quite as grandiose as the original, but the wee, yellow Vespa did itself proud, despite a couple of bottles that couldn’t quite stay on the table.

The Vespa spoof is complete with a wheelie and a mob of happy onlookers congratulation the trickster.

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  • That is so funny. I love the shot of him riding away with the tablecloth trailing. These types of viral ads are great.

  • vaf

    Se ganaron el OSCAR con ese tremendo video, Felicitaciones muchachos y chas!!!

  • it’s a hobby to drive sportbike with high speed and enjoy the lifestyle.

  • Mauro

    When we shot this film, we never thoght that it would get so many fans/likes/views! That’s the sort of things we do after a couple of beers… 😀
    (i’m the blue shirt guy!) :p