yam-trike0301Pictured above is a Yamaha XJ6 that appears to have been modified by Swiss car maker Sbarro to have two front wheels, the photos were sent to us by one of our sister sites, AutoGuide.com, who will be covering the 2010 Geneva Auto Show in great detail over the next few days.yam-trike-fr



  • Tim

    Kinda reminds me of that triked tilting Vmax (http://www.tiltingmotorworks.com/), except this has ALOT cleaner look.

  • R D Benson

    good distractions!

  • Evo

    The more I look at it, the more I like it!

  • Is it weird that i actually like this!!!

  • Linda

    Looks great! When can I buy one?

  • I love the photos of these motorcycles. They really look great. I must look cool on them. When will they be available in the market?

  • Steve

    This bike is very different. I wounder how is would handle on turns. It would be easier for people who have never rode a bike before to learn! I wounder if any other companies are coming out with similar models.

  • Tobias

    i am currently driving a piaggio mp3 400 lt which just looks like a scooter with this concept…but i would love to have something like this one, just because it looks much more than a motorcycle (without the front wheel cover, hopefully they will find a way to get rid of it. it should keep the “naked bike” style)

    i would buy it right away =)