BMW S1000RR Valve Train Working at High RPM [video]

Amazing video from BMW provides rare look at what happens in a motorcycle’s top end!

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BMW-S1000RR-ValveI’d like to ramble on about a dozen different things relating to this video, but the 3- minute, 19-second clip speaks for itself.

However, once the engine is revving at high rpm, watching the cams, finger followers and valve springs seemingly freeze in action due to the incredible speeds, I was reminded of that whole “Dude, the faster I went the more everything around me seemed to slow down,” experience we’ve all heard about or experienced. Enjoy!


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  • Evan Fell Cycles

    Wow, AWESOME video! I love watching the valves swirl at the higher RPM. It would be interesting to see this same video shot with a super high speed camera and slowed way down – might be able to see the valve float.