DSCN2715HJC’s best selling modular helmet, the IS-MAX, is now ready for Bluetooth.

The new IS-MAX BT features an integrated recess for the ChatterBox XBi2-H, which allows riders to stream an autoi signal from any source equipped with Bluetooth – mobile phone, MP3 player, GPS unit. According to HJC, XBi2-H also provides the ability for rider-to-rider communication with another helmet this is also equipped.

A recess has been built-in to the padding of the helmet for each speaker, which HJC claims makes for simple system set-up.

For more information, visit http://www.hjchelmets.com.

  • Does anybody where HJC helmets are made?
    Is it China?

  • Or perhaps the other way – what helmets (brands) are made in USA or Europe or Japan?

  • Scott

    Some are made in Korea and some are made in China. They have a big R & D center in Korea with a large wind tunnel.

  • Very nice helmet. Their website does not specify where they are made.

  • Great helmet. I had one like that and it was really good.

  • The IS-Max is made in China, the XBI2-H is made in Korea.

  • I love this bluetooth technology, makes riding much safer since its all hands free

  • I agree with the previous poster, bluetooth is great, makes riding safer and also more enjoyable… especially if you have either a passenger or a fellow rider hooked up too.