american_chopperAfter six seasons, the run is finally over for America’s favorite dysfunctional custom chopper family.  The not so surprising news was announced on Saturday, February 6th by TLC.

The Teutuls will always be a part of the Discovery family and we congratulate them on a tremendously successful series run.

The show was already on its last legs due to all the family drama which includes a lawsuit between Paul Teutul, Sr. and his son Paul Teutul, Jr. over the family business, Orange County Choppers, regardless its still a great run for any TV series.  The last episode airs on Thursday, February 11th at 9pm.

  • bob willet

    Now that this nonsense is off the air maybe we can get back to the real motorcycle experience. We need some shows like Spike’s Powerblock series geared to motorcycles. (No pun intended)

  • Mark M

    Good riddance.

  • Frank V

    The writing was on the wall when the boys went out on their own, and the show was moving more and more away from what it started out as and that was building motorcycles.

  • That show was terrible! It was “Keeping Up With the Kardashians,” with some choppers mixed in…

  • Chuck

    Kind of funny that in the picture you chose to use, only 1 of the 4 guys actually still work at the place.

  • Speedmaster

    Some times I liked the bikes but all of Paul Sr.s’ yelling and pushing at Jr. remimnded me of my stepfather. He wanted me to be a carpenter and christian like him. I became a metal guitarist and a heithinn. A good man can only take so much. And now Sr. is suing Jr. It will never end. Sr. may have quit drinking but he has lotsa issues to deal with.

  • Steve Reeves

    What Mark M said….

  • Cruisers are in. Choppers been out of style 5 years.

  • toomanycrayons

    I have to give them credit as artists. Their bikes expressed their reality.

    They didn’t function, neither did their family. Great art is always tragic.

    If you want comedy and/or engineering…buy a Toyota?

    I’ll miss those guys. I watched the kid try and ride Death Valley for Diabetes.

    Passion and Heart. Nothing wrong with that.

  • Scott Stebbins

    Get your sh%t together Senior and Junior…Regroup Stop acting like immature children…REFOCUS on whats important.God, Country, Family, and Bike Building!!!I hope it was all an act or a way out of the spotlight for you two and Vinny. Whether or not you return to TV, Share equally the long hours, dedication, passion and family you all started out with. Dont forget it took all of you to make it.Each time somebody left, a little bit of each of you was lost till now and its ALL GONE! Fix whats broke and the rest will fall into place! Good Luck, Your ALL a Talented Bunch..DONT LET IT KICK YOUR ASSES!

    SAS from NY

  • Plenk

    About time!!


    UP IN SMOKE !!!!!!!!

  • carey powell

    Hope the Teutul’s can settle their differences between them life is too short to stay mad at each other. Good Luck to the Teutul’s in the future.

  • CJ

    Yes, the family drama was way too much, but it is actually pretty sad to watch a family crumble as they did. The all have a great deal of talent and are very creative, so it will be sad to see them go. And although I prefer more practical bikes than anything they ever did, the show was somewhat entertaining and I doubt there many bikers around the world that haven’t heard of them. Maybe now they can focus on getting their family back together? They will be missed by at least some of us.

  • tom wentz

    paul sr was such an as#ho%e no wonder its off tv chopper crap why dont you air some real motorcycles not that crap come on man how about bmw and triumph motoguzzi not that crap .

  • Wayneo

    Too much fame…Too much Money, Another family ruined.
    Imagine what OCC would have been if there never was a camera in the shop, Vinny and Cody would probably still be working in the shop and Sr. and Jr. and Mikey would still be a family. Call it the curse of Hollywood….

  • Tom

    Magilla Motorcycles off the air?

    First the dysfunctional ‘American Hotrod’ goes away, then the Jesse James noise and now the tattooed idiots of two wheels disappear. Next thing you know it’ll stop being a wasteland on TV.

    Somehow I feel bad because I don’t feel bad about losing them. One visit in Daytona during Bike Week was enough to make me avoid the show like the plague. Nose pickin’, semi-literate retards. I’d suggest the special olympics for that family, but the special olympics are a class act and don’t need to go slumming.

  • Choppers are GAY!

    The cake-decorating is over!

  • Susan Dyas

    Those of you who are so negative about Paul senior don’t know what you are talking about. He is now a very wealthy man who came up the hard way. Most people have not acheived what he has, even without going thru all the trials and tribulations that he has delt with in his life. I hope the whole family enjoys each other and what they have earned. I enjoyed their show very much and will miss them. Not that they need it but they have earned my respect! God Bless you guys.

  • OCC THE BEST !!!

    I will miss them very much…I hope one day comes back with the show and entertain us with motorcycles and Mickey sure…

    They have all my respect and for entire Romania !

    God bless you guys and we will waiting back please !


  • Ricardo Gonçalves

    Nice program. They make some fun and bikes.
    Here in Portugal, we loved that show.
    Greetings to the Teutul´s Family

  • nate lawson

    stop the man struggle and work things out more adult like

  • Eep

    It’s baaaAAAAACCCKKK!

  • I just want to wish paul sr the best i know behind that rough personality he wants the best for his kids he just has a hard time showing it. I give Sr all the credit in the world he still worked hard to build his company and i hope your health gets better and hope everything works out between u and ur kids me and my wife really enjoyed ur show but its time for u and ur family to make things right u will be alot happier god bless u and ur family

  • Donnie

    Paul Sr. U r so wrong Jr. builds way better bikes. Free Rick. One more thing, FAMILY comes before MONEY, BIKES, DOGS, and ATTITUDES.

  • brad

    “REFOCUS on whats important.God, Country, Family, and Bike Building!!!I”

    Don’t know about the first two. Both irrelevent concepts.

  • JR Pelletier

    It’s unfortunate that Paul Sr. appears to be a “dry-drunk”…..when someone sobers up they’re suposed to change…..he presents as a drunk without a drink…..not drinking is just the beginning of becoming a different person…..he seems unhappy, miserable and self-centered…it’s sad that he might not ever get to know just who he could have been and may die a stranger to himself….(someone has to say it)……PS…I need money to finish my Panhead chopper project, nudge, nudge, wink, wink