Yamaha_TZ750In a year that saw Yamaha riders James Stewart, Valentino Rossi, and Ben Spies capture the perfect “trifecta” of World Championships, perhaps one of the most memorable moments for race fans around the world, was “King” Kenny Roberts’ return ride at the infamous Indy Mile in late August.

As a year end surprise, Yamaha is pleased to offer race fans around the world a video of this monumental occasion. The video features both archival footage from Kenny’s victory in 1975 as well as the events surrounding this recent monumental motorcycling event.

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Yamaha Motor Corporation U.S. wishes all race fans a safe, healthy and happy holiday season.

  • Wow! This motorcycle is a legend, as Kenny Robert is! I can imagine how fast his heart was pumping before the start.

    I love the sound of two strokes engines! Seeing Kenny and Valentino together really gave me an emotion!

    Only one thing beats the motorcycles! 😉


  • slagheap

    very cool. KING KENNY. that was from my era. i saw all the greats road race, mostly at laguna seca. the crowds were small, and five or six feet back from the edge of the track there was a cyclone fence, bent over in a couple spots, between you and the racers wailing, flailing and bucking on those bikes.i was hooked. it was UNBELIEVABLE.

  • That Yamaha looks great.