stolen_harleyStolen from his apartment in West L.A. 17 years ago, Warren Huff, thought his Harley-Davidson was gone forever.  The bike was found in Valencia after a man brought the motorcycle in for inspection.  The bike was stock originally but Huff gets the customized Harley back as is.

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  • watcycle

    Its great to see that what I have known for years still happens good can come out of bad though for me pink doesnt work .Geoff

  • Eddie Vetter

    am still searching for my stolen HD from Fort Lee NJ back in 1995…Blk/Opal Burgandy FLST Heritage w/ sharkfin pipes. 1 of only 2 made in ‘94.. VIN# 1HD 1 BJL43RY 032523. I’ll NEVER stop until I find it or I die! contact me on MySpace/killeryankee( Idolkiller) Thanks Bro’s..Stay safe out there