cake_bossI wouldn’t hold it against anyone if they have never seen an episode of Cake Boss on TLC but after I saw the promo for last nights episode I couldn’t miss it.  Buddy (the cake boss) is asked by a couple of members of the Hells Angels to make a cake, although its not on the same scale as the Go Daddy cake its still interesting to see how they put it together.

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    The HELLS ANGELS ARE A CRIMINAL ORGANIZATION. They should not be on this show.

  • Bom Marley


  • corina bretz

    There just a bunch of nomad guys in a motorcycle club lay off.

  • James

    Wrong Corina! They are a well known criminal organization involved in murder, extortion, drug and illegal weapon trafficking, prostitution to name a few. TLC should be ashamed!!

  • james

    Anybody that is actually from Long Island, which is where this chapter is from, would recall multiple homicides committed by this wonderful orginization. Not to mention they are not “nomads”, they are a nation wide criminal orginizations.

  • jack

    I am shocked!!!!! This jerk-off cake maker might as well bake a cake for Joel Rifkin or Ronald Defaio. If your from Long Island or know how to read you should know who they are!

  • leila

    The Hells Angels in South Africa participate in an annual event called “Toy Story” where the join up with other bike clubs and deliver toys to underpriveledged children at orphanages, schools and children’s homes… Buddy rocks! So do the South African chapter of the Hells Angels!