Picture 2After launching their website last week, the California based Electric Moto Corporation has now announced the IPG Group as their agency of record to help increase brand awareness and bring in some investor interest.  According to their website, other then the EMAX 72 DS electric motorcycle, there is a scooter, ATV, bicycle and a personal watercraft on the drawing board.

Some available specs after the jump.

Weight:  210 lb
Voltage:  72 V
Capacity:  14 kW
Top Speed:  60 mph
HP (approx):  21
Torque:  40 Nm
Range:  3 hrs
Construction:  Aluminum
Wheels (front/back):  21/19
Hubs:  Talon
Brakes:  Disc/F&R
Type:  Brembo
Suspension:  Ohlins
Price (est):  $9,995

Mitch Leonard is the newly appointed CEO of Electric Moto Corporation and has more than eighteen years in the motorcycle industry.  Leonard, credentials include working with: American Honda Racing, Pro Circuit Racing, Suzuki Racing, Yoshimura Racing, Troy Lee Designs, Showa Suspension, Ohlins Suspension and Dunlop Tire.

  • Does that frame look familiar to anyone? Think bicycle company gone motorsports fail.

  • John

    An electric dual sport with 13″ of suspension travel? Wonder if I could get one without the battery pack? Stuff a “96 volt” A123 Systems battery pack, the new 20Ah 600 amp capable prismatic plates and top speed would jump to 80 MPH. No maintenance, no oil/coolant leaks, very quiet, no clutch and great torque. the A123 96V 60Ah pack would weigh 127 pounds so the bike would weigh more, how to fit three 8.3″ x 6.5″ x 9″ battery blocks in the thing?

  • John

    Ooops, edit–the 90 cell A123 96V 60Ah pack would weigh 96 pounds. The downside is the $5,000 price for the pack, the battery management system board and charger (plus shipping) I like the frame design to put the electric motor and battery packs down low.

  • well at least someone was playing attention. WELL DONE YOU

    They went bust i think.

  • Well it seems a very good package overall.