Unveiled last Friday in India, this new Honda motorcycle features an air-cooled 4-stroke single-cylinder 110cc engine, gets 164 mpg and will sell for $900 US!  How do they do it?  Volume!  It will only be available in India (world’s second biggest motorcycle market) at the end of February, 2010.

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  • Why only India? This would make a great learner bike here in the states, especially at $900!

  • sharad

    give me recent update of CB twister. at my e mail.

  • Ryck

    My sister would love this bike. Why India only? C’mon Honda!

    Maybe we should let an Indian franchise sell Honda bikes here in North America. Then after they make an obscene amount of money maybe American Honda will get the hint that their marketing people are totally clueless and costing them millions in lost North American revenue!

  • RazorHamster

    damn, I’d totally get one of these as a pit bike to replace the Zuma scooter — I don’t need my 1000cc bike for zipping around the pits.

  • Jeff Heyliger

    Bring it to the US and Honda would sell Thousands of these, converting people to bikes, then feeding their larger models. I’d buy one for my son to get him converted to road from dirt safely.

  • siddhu

    cheapest race bikes to buy?

  • rajureddy

    this bike looking so good,it looking new,i like very much this bike, limited price and i purchase this bike march-10.

  • Rizwan Rahi

    This bike was fabulous …Really i love CB Twister any how I am awaits for the launching this bikes , Cud u give me a Latest updates ragards for CB Twister …I wanna All Details ….


    i want pictures of cb twister on my email addres. i like black cb twister

  • ravi

    I have already booked it a month ago, eagerly waiting to ride.It would be a super seller bike.

  • govind

    i like this bike very much because it is good looking and 100cc bike which can give the good millage
    i want to purchage this bike in feb-2010
    give me recent update of CB twister. at my e mail

  • Krishna Chaitanya

    It was fabulous Bike… i would like to have one. But has to check the details n looks personally.

  • mohd khalid

    Really i love CB Twister and eagerly waiting to ride

  • rishboy

    hey i love da bike . wat’s it’s mileage(around 70)think so . pls. let me notified in gwalior abt. da updates.

  • akash jain

    honda is a best company , and i like it honda cb-twister and honda stunner good millage i want to purchage honda cb twister bike in feb – 28 -2010

  • akash jain from mathura

    good bike honda cb twister and honda stunner realy i love cb twister

  • nitin shivas from greater noida

    this bike has great look & iwould like to buy this bike

  • It seems a very interesting and good bike. Please send me the latest updates of this bike. I am planning to buy this bike in the beginning of April 1st week……….


    Mudassir Ahmed

  • im looking for black colur bike so plz e mail tat colur image plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz……………..

  • Matt

    164 mpg?!! I’m skeptical, but nonetheless, why can’t you just ship a bunch to the US and sell em? Seems like if you ship them in bulk it would only be $300 for shipping or so. It’s a 4 stroke. Can’t be very fast, would not be highway legal. I’m curious about top speed. Probably the 50-55 mph or so that 100cc scooters hit.

  • subranshu

    honda twister is my most likeble bike. it’s look like a racer bike & very good milege. so i have purchase this bike very soon, twister black adition pictures (diff. position) send to my mail,plz


    Honda Twister is a Complete Bike in the world( Top 5 Rating)
    1.Good looking like racer bike
    2.Good milege
    3.Good affordable price
    4.Good & easy maintenance
    5.Good picup & smooth drive

  • marvin broad

    Is honda going to release the twister in north america.
    If so what cost and what colours.
    thank you

  • Kabeer

    I want to buy this bike n want a full specification.Is it to good to buy Twister or Unicorn

  • vel

    i brought honda twister 110cc black colour…….its is so excelent bike …and amizing mileage my bike gave more than 65km/L
    and very nice sports look …………nice riding no noise….i don’t have word tell about my bike……

  • aravind

    The byk was superb,esp the yelw.i was stund at it.super in al aspcts….

  • i m selling my honda twister at low price call me if you want and from only india ok

    my no. is 07342513076

  • soumyajit basu

    dear all,
    i personally driven it,and decided to go for it but there are so many drawbacks this price in India it has launched as a premium commuter bike.

    ok it’s the best and best and the best 110 cc commuter bike in india at this point in time.

    the best engine,best gear box,best clutch,best power to weight ratio,performance,very good fuel economy and the best handling also.

    negative points:***no-pass light switch,no collapsible front foot rest,no DC lightning,no digital merer,thinner rear tyre,no LED back light.

    the all negative drawbacks as per premium pricing.we Indians
    always look for “value for money”.that is why it has got only 20 thousand plus bookings only.problem with production also.
    only a very very very few bike i have personally seen in the roads till now.

    please reply with your thoughts and to get more updates photos.

    soumyajit basu.

  • dillip biswal

    i want known about what its fuel capacity and how much distance cover in 1 liters

  • honda twiser is my best bike hy speed &milage

  • Rohit

    I love cb twister.

  • eyasin

    HI all

    plz give me advice Dhaka Honda motorcycle showroom,
    or phone number
    Coz I want to buy CB twister motorcycle.

  • Sachin

    Hi all. I have been riding this bike for over 9 months now in india.its good for city driving.maximum speed it can go is 95km/hr on speedo.runs smoothly up to 80km/hr but struggles at higher looks very good & mileage is between 65-72km/lit.

  • Tom

    You need to figure out a way to get this bike to the states. With the rising cost of fuel this represents a great alternative for people driving around town or back and forth from work. Probably won’t work on thruway,but if you can avoid that this would be great option