SoaintertitleFX has committed to another season of thirteen new episodes bringing back all of the series regulars.  The season finale, that aired on December 1st, drew 4.3 million viewers, the most the show has ever registered, season two enjoyed a 66% increase in total viewers compared to season one.

Kurt Sutter, the creator of the show has signed a two-year extension to write and produce the series, so I guess they are planning ahead to season four as well.

  • John

    Why doesn’t it ever rain on that show ? The location is supposed to be N. California but it never rains !

  • This is the best written and acted show on the air. Everyone that sees it is hooked instantly. The season finally had so many plots, you have to watch it at least 5 times to catch all of the plots and side storys.
    Concrats to Ms Segal and her husband./.I hope the show is on for a very long time.

  • Loser

    I love the show and would not miss it

  • Sherri

    My husband & I are so drawn to watching & waiting for the next one. It gets better & better. We ride & truly enjoy this show and Katie Segal is Fantastic & her family is strong! We keep the last two shows on to enjoy again. FX is very lucky to have such talent in writers & actors to provide the viewer’s a very powerful weekly program to watch. Hope the show & the character’s stay for a long time coming. Two thumbs up for all of you!

  • The Oliver’s

    Very strong and tough with heart! Love all the characters, plots, drama..Keep up the great work and we are so excited that you are working on more seasons. You have your audiances gripping their seats. Thank you for all the jaw dropping scenes.

  • sylvie

    how come i can find the series in canada,where can i see it
    on tv or can i by the dvd somewhere. thanks

  • season three need to come out all ready i need to see what happened!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!