toyota_bike_1While covering the SEMA show this year for, we came across this concept bike that was displayed in the Toyota booth.  Other than the information plate that was posted beside the fenced off bike, no one in the booth had anymore info or news about it.

Check out a list of specs after the jump.

toyota_bike_2Bike Specifications:

  • Specially lightened and polished frame
  • Carbon fiber body panels
  • Custom fuel tank
  • A fan driven forced air induction into a specially constructed intake system with fuel injection
  • The intake and exhaust have been reversed on the cylinder for optimal weight balance
  • The rear shock absorber has a specially tilted reservoir to keep it away from the hear displaced by the exhaust pipe
  • Unique air start system utilizing the frame as the air tank
  • A light weight special aluminum extrusion cooling system takes the place of conventional radiators
  • On board data acquisition system able to measure in real time functions such as suspension travel, engine temperature, speed, etc.
  • Specially made brake rotors with the Toyota logos cut into them
  • A specially made swingarm with the Toyota logo machined into it
  • A light weight carbon fiber muffler
  • Special light weight wheels
  • Extensive use of titanium and exotic metals
  • contender
  • j


  • M!ke D!

    Yeah, fyi toyota is the wealthiest auto manufacturer on the planet btw they have more money than all of the big 3 combined..the average american will be slaves to the nwo within a decade, regardless the average american is already enslaved by there stupidity..put that in your pipe and smoke it…

  • Edward Gagnon

    it’s got a Fender Guitar logo on the swingarm as well… maybe it’s like a harley davidson f-150, not actually what it says it is…?

  • WoodlandDave

    Mike D has it right. As for “j” you may want to do a quick once over of the products you own since I can pretty much guarantee they’re not “made in the USA” get over it.

  • Yamaha and Toyota have had long standing relations, with Yamaha very much involved with the design of their multi valve cylinder heads, so it figures Toyota will go play with a Yamaha. Awesome concept, and I’d love to see one as a supermotard. Should be absolutely awesome!

  • hey this is a very nice bike looks good and everthing i like the spokes i have a ktm 250 sx-f…But nice bike…

  • Guy Stritzinger

    does Toyota make a big street bike like Honda, Suzuki etc.

  • craig

    Ive seen back in the day hanging out at fuddruckers on a1a in fort lauderdale in 1995 two dudes rolled up on toyota sports bikes and had alot of press people with them and they where concept bikes

  • Michael Housden

    Did I say I had a ktm 250? Like anyone really cares?