Heuer Bonneville 1 (Small)British motorcycle manufacturer Triumph and Swiss watch manufacturer TAG Heuer have collaborated to create a special, one-of-a-kind “Bonneville Heuer” Triumph motorcycle. The association between Triumph and TAG Heuer comes as a result of their common values and the legacy of Steve McQueen, who was famously linked to both brands.

Heuer Bonneville 3 (Small)The TAG Heuer Bonneville features a unique blue and orange paint scheme that was inspired by the Porsche sports car driven by Steve McQueen’s character in the movie Le Mans (1971). McQueen wore TAG Heuer’s Monaco watch in the movie, and today TAG Heuer is celebrating the 40th Anniversary of the watch.

McQueen rode Triumph motorcycles personally and in movies such as The Great Escape (1963). Triumph Motorcycles continues that relationship with McQueen’s estate to create vintage styled McQueen apparel. For 2010, the Triumph clothing range includes a jacket and t-shirt reminiscent of when McQueen raced a Triumph in the International Six Days Trials in Germany.

Heuer Bonneville 5 (Small)“We are delighted to play our part in this exciting project. The Triumph Bonneville and TAG Heuer Monaco are both timeless masterpieces, celebrating their respective 50th and 40th anniversaries this year,” said Neil Morley, Triumph’s Head of Brand Communications. “We also both have a natural connection with Steve McQueen, who famously wore a Monaco watch in the film Le Mans and was renowned for his love of our bikes, making this a very natural collaboration.”

The special Triumph Bonneville was unveiled in Paris by Lewis Hamilton, the 2008 Formula One world champion and TAG Heuer brand ambassador, and can be seen at various watch shows and TAG Heuer retailers throughout Europe.

Heuer Bonneville 6 (Small)The Triumph Bonneville was born in 1959 to recognize Johnny Allen’s land speed records at the Bonneville Salt Flats. The Triumph Bonneville was an instant hit in America and the UK, and 50 years later continues to be one of Triumph’s most iconic motorcycles. Despite its classic appearance, the new Triumph Bonneville motorcycles feature state-of-the-art design and performance.

The full range of Triumph motorcycles are available at authorized Triumph dealers throughout North America. To find your local Triumph dealer, please visit www.TriumphMotorcycles.com.

  • the truth

    i have a new Bonnie. This “Special, one of kind” is nothing more than a paint job, weak!
    Bloor should take more of an interest in this model and improve it and offer it as a real “Special”.
    ie: better brakes & suspension, get rid of the oil radiator ruining the engine “window”, out more detail work on the engine and cam cover, and a better looking seat with chrome trim, the one on the bike now looks like a folded up blamket covered in vinyl.
    This bike is an opportunity for Triumph. they just don’t know any better I guess. They really didn’t do a very good job on the retro “ques”. They need a better/talented designer.

  • the truth

    P.S. If you want to see what a genuine Bonneville “Special” should look like have a gander at the one found on the following page:
    Now that’s a “Special”.
    Tag Huer should have hired the owner of that Bonnie instead of relying on the “design” dept. at Hinckley, they don’t have a clue.

  • The combination of coca – cola with pop corn in the movie same is the feature of Triumph Bonneville bike .