06_Infineon_ZKawi_A_KLX_0801The last time I rode one of Kawasaki’s 110cc MX bikes, I was banging elbows with Gary Nixon in a journo race on Max Yasgers, I mean Mertens Dairy farm in beautiful Sonoma, California.

Battling against experienced racers, a muddy track and humorous rider-to-motorcycle ergonomics, I managed to outshine all of the racing glory at the nearby Infineon raceway by taking home the gold, shoes. Top prize for endangering my life in a battle of laughter and pocket-sized Singles was a pair of size 13 sneakers spray painted gold. Still got ‘em on the shelf! I even had Gary Nixon sign them for me.

Three years later, with suspension and power increases, Team Green throws down another event, tomorrow at the Fox Racing Design Headquarters in Irvine, CA. Introducing the 2010 Kawasaki KLX110 & KLX110L, I’ll be there once again to represent Motorcycle.com.

Review now on Motorcycle.com.

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  • Harro Penk

    Basically, just get a small netbook with a solid state drive. By being compact and small you generally decrease the chance of the monitor cracking etc, and by using a SSD you eliminate any moving parts in the system. The only way to make sure it survives in a crash would be to keep it in a PELICAN case. http://www.pelican.com/cases_detail.php?Case=1080CC. Just get one that fits the size netbook and accessories you have. O yeah, and because your average netbook only costs about $300-350, shell out another $80-100 for an external hard drive – back up your system every now and again (don’t bring the external drive on rides either….!! Leave it at home.). The value of a computer is NOT the stupid hardware. It’s the info and the programs that are the real value.