Peter_Fonda_Easy_Rider_40_AnnPeter Fonda, who played Wyatt in the 1969 cult classic, Easy Rider, was in Glendale, CA on Friday to help promote the Blu-Ray release of the film which marks the 40th anniversary.  The movie was scheduled to be shown at the Love Ride event that was canceled this year, instead the film screened at a local Harley-Davidson dealer.

One of the film’s main objective was to expose violence and racism in the U.S. in a negative light but instead it seems that it was taken the wrong way with most, glorifying the lifestyle that was portrayed in the film.

In the end of the film, Wyatt tells his buddy Billy, “We blew it.”, which has been translated many different ways over the years but Fonda, the co-writer and producer of the film, makes it clear in his phone interview with Reuters.

People often ask me, ‘Do I still feel the movie is relevant?’  And my answer to them is, when … I say, ‘We blew it,’ if you look out the window today and you say we haven’t blown it, (then) I don’t want to take whatever drug you’re on,” states Fonda.

Easy Rider was included in the U.S. National Film Registry in 1998, and was ranked at #84 on the greatest movies of all time list by the American Film Institute.

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  • Howie Lindeman

    Yes we blew it indeed !!!!!
    the line that sticks with me the most was around the camp fire with the 3 of them talking, when Jack N said
    “when they become afraid of our freedom, they become dangerous” aint it the truth, the IRS is affraid of our freedom alright.

  • Wait till you see the new movie Easy Rider: The Ride Back.
    I think Peter would again “yes we blew it” however @ least some of us are still trying to get things done right.
    Maybe just a few bikers however we will not stop nor will we be silent….The Spirit of Easy Rider still lives!!!

  • Nick

    Easy Rider was boring. BOOOOOORRRRRIIIIINGGG!!!!!!!!

  • Have you seen the one where the guy rides a motorcycle off a cliff into the grand canyon and then opens the parachute for the rest of the trip?

  • I love the movie Easy Rider I cry at the end .because freedom .and want jack nicholson said. it was cool movie. Dawn