Paul_TeutulOn the heels of the American Chopper season debut this Thursday and the recent OCC Rocks CD release, has been given the opportunity to conduct a phone interview with the one and only, Paul Teutul Sr., owner of Orange County Chopper.  If you have any questions you would like us to ask, please hit the comment button above and lay it on us.

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  • Ian

    Hi PT Snr, do you think you and your company will ever build a real motorcycle?

  • Ian, sure I can ask that one for you, just send me your home address… ; )

  • john

    how much can/could you bench?

  • derek

    How has the economic slowdown impacted your business? What are your thoughts regarding the closing of the Buell Motor Company? Do you see OCC moving into the market of an American Sportbike?

  • philip

    What won’t you do for money?

  • On a serious note, I’d be interested to know how much more steam he thinks the show has left, and also, whether or not he thinks it’s more damaging than it would otherwise be to have the dysfunctional nature of his family relationships broadcast on national television. Things have unarguably gotten much worse between Senior, Paulie, and Mikey over the past few years. I’ve historically been a fan of the show, despite my disdain for choppers, but the most recent episodes have been difficult to watch because of the amped-up strife.

  • could you build me a cheap bike free raising 7 kids cant afford one

  • R D Benson

    long time fan-really appreciate the inventive/original designs, more so the appretiation shown for the armed forces, fire and police. hope you all heal the differences and keep up the show- BMW restorer and retired USN SEABEE.

  • linda howard

    im on to get cd, i have 1980 yam. 650 stolen in 91,found where it is. is it worth tearing down and get going? im going to try myself. winter project? in between working,i”ll be doing this blind! oh its in the bush in maple ridge bc. not freezingcold weather but outside. love your family and show, peace out, top left.

  • Dave Palmer

    been watching the show for a long time now and still really enjoy it,senior’s right to head’s up those boys in these tough times!you think trump wanders in at 8!Custom bikes keep getting more innovative and better made every year and make companies like honda look terrible now,So I love to see occ start taking on the other custom houses and showcasing that innovation on american chopper!oh yeah and change your name to orange county customs,as you’ll be customising everything from nasa rockets to hairdryers and put teutal on the tanks of the bikes.
    P.S.could you build me a boardtracker in red and I’ll have a bagger please!do you take credit?

  • Dave, if OCC ever outsells Honda, I’ll gladly buy you a case of Miller High Life, or whichever brand of redneck beer you prefer.

  • Kenneth

    Paul, you’ve built some electric bikes lately. Michael Czysz said he’s going to focus completely on electric bikes. What percentage of your builds will be electric in 2010, 2012, and 2020?

  • Garry

    In the long run I can’t blame you for seperating from the kids. You’ve given Micky every job and non-job anyone could even think of, let him work less hours than anybody else, let him come in late on top of that, let him take as many days off as he wanted (which was a lot) put up with his juvenile unprofessional attitude(which must have been very embarressing in front of clients) and payed him a wage 90% of America would love to make, then throw it all back in your face. Let him try to find a real job with a real wage, it just isn;t going to happen. When he comes crawling back, and he will, have him fill out a job app. like everybody else. A dose of reality is what this boy needs.

  • Don Wallace

    With the downturn in the economy do you forsee OCC marketing a chopper that is more affordable to the masses?

  • Mike

    Bikes rust or bust a family bond is forever the gurus around especially steve have clouded your judgment which is apparent in the episodes watching from the outside it’s easier to see , especially steve I watch your show but fast forward through your show and only stop at the jr and mikey parts of the show I agree with jr who’s made who rich ?

  • Terry Plant

    MY dad and I were real close we fought just as much..we made boats together but when it came to go out we took different boats.didnt want to fight in such a small area.I found my father dead in the front yard working on his model t truck and i havent been the same since i never got to tell him how much i loved him and how i was just like him and thats why we fought so much you and your kids need to make up and soon lifes to f—ing short.your a team and thats just it is money everthing or is family first

  • Vic Digilio

    This is for Senior,
    I started out on a Triumph in 1967,life changes,you try and stay close to what you enjoy. I give you a lot of credit for coming back from your drinking and picking up the pieces. We all make mistakes in life, but the key is to keep moving forward. Maintain your course, I think you’re doing great! All these “arm chair generals” that find fault are simply jealous and/or envious. You stepped out there to make something of the time time you have left and have done the best you could. You’ve given your boys more opportunity than most get in a lifetime! What’s done is done, keep looking forward, you’re ok in my book!

  • Mike

    The helmet that Senior wears, do you sell them or if not who makes them and how do I source one?



  • Hey Paul, I see that you guys love rock and roll, blues rock and country rock from the 70s. Well, please consider one of my tunes for your next CD. My first CD, KOMPRESSOR, is available, but I would love to send you a free copy of it. My next disc will be out sometime next year. Two songs in particular, Low Rider Girl, a song about a tough moto riding woman, and Peroxide Shark(no exp needed!) would be good picks.


  • Did someone say free, award-winning, independent music?

  • Doug Stracener

    Paul, I am curious what happened to Vinney. Is he still doing fabrication of motorcycles, or what?

  • Christine Blatnik

    My husband & I love your show, but I really watch it to see Gus! I cried tonight watching but was both happy & sad, glad that Gus did not have cancer! I just lost my bullmastiff, Hemi to lymphoma. She was only 5 years old and was the best & lovable dog ever as you know bullmasiffs are! I hope all the best to you & Gus!

  • watcycle

    It makes me cringe to see law suits happening within your family I have strong christian convictions when it comes to family I believe all that is possible should be done to resolve differences & keep it together.I sincerely hope you guys can come to a place where you again have an amicable relationship with each other in other words however disfunctional you guys might have been in the past blood is thicker than water & only lawers win in law suits Regards Geooff Watcycle mechanical Sydney Australia

  • Glenn DeFaber

    It seams that Paul Sr. lost weight and looks sick. Is everything OK.

  • Judy McManamin

    Paul Sr., if you are ever in the Kansas City,MO area I would like to invite you to visit our recovery group. There is one we attend that has a lot of clean & sober bikers and viet nam vets…. My husband upped for 3 tours in Viet Nam and as you know has alot of baggage he carries. He has always likes your program and understands the position you took with your children.

    I know how busy you are but I would like to surprise my husband if it were ever possible for you to be able to visit us sometime.

  • Judy McManamin

    I would also like to tell you how grateful I am that Gus is okay… I pray for all animals every night.. They are so unconditionally loving… In 2008 I had to put, for the first time, an animal to sleep and 3 weeks ago I had to put my “best friend” to sleep. We were able to spend a little time with him before and he was so loving and just looked into my eyes to help him (he was so sick there was no other option (liver failure). The end was very peaceful but heartbreaking… I still cry myself to sleep at night but I know he is in heaven waiting across the Rainbow Bridge (pls pull that up if Gus every gets sicker) hopefully it will help you as it did me.

  • Jesse

    Hey Paul,

    Hows your health? you look pretty sick in the more recent episodes. You should Build some more dealerships in Australia I believe theres only 1, Come to Australia again i would love to meet you or be at one of your reveals.


  • Adam Stout

    What Helmet brand does Paul sr. wear? I noticed it covers the top of his ears…Looking to check one out… thsnks

  • HI PAUL SNR when are are you sending me a custom chopper over to Manchester England.I am L.B.M.AUG.7.2010.if you do not ask you do not get.ha ha.well I am from Manchester.

  • Laryy

    Can you tell me where to find and order the black open face helmet you guys are wearing now? You are wearing it on your website and Jr. was also wearing on one of your recent shows I was watching. It looks might it might be leather.

  • Paul Sr seem to be losing weight. I enjoy the show. I hope that he is not ill.

  • Is Paul Sr ill he seem to be losing a lot of weight.

  • Hello dear Sir, senior I don’t like to say this but sorry to see that you have lost some very very good workmenship in loosing at least two guys who walked away . It is difficult but they deserved more credits in your presentations.
    On the other hand in my opinion most of your designs are only suitabile as Show bikes and not riding bikes for regular usage let alone every day bikes ! Sure they would fall to pieces and some designs are simply suicidal / safety features =Zero but rather injury liability with all those sharp and pointed projections etc .
    nYou do not use proper flat/lockwashers / threadlocks etc which would make a job more durabile
    last note; In one programme you senior tried to refresh a treaded bolt which you had just cut off to shorten it
    The Snap On die you were using had to be used from the other side ( there is a note on the die )
    Otherwise the programmeis /was rather entertaining and wish you all GUYS the best of health and a big hug to yor Mum senior

  • josh hamm

    i would like to know where i can get a helmet like sr wears the leather half helmet he wears in the new season

  • John

    Paul Jr and the rest of the guys deserve better than what you have to offer. I hope Paul Jr kicks your ass in bike building and in court.
    Its not what your bikes look like its the heart that goes into it.
    Anybody can talk s#@t and look mean. It doesn’t take much brains for that, just a strong back and a weak mind.

  • HoPPeR

    I agree with a few of the other – I would like to know where i can get a helmet like sr wears the leather half helmet he wears in the new season?



  • Kimberly

    is paul sr sick?

  • pat


  • Sheridan Fisher

    Has Mr Paul Senior ever thought of making a bike in the form of a woman’s body? I have been thinking about it, and would be pleased to hear from him.

  • Jeromy

    Is sr. sick? hes lost alot of weight

  • BOO

    I was wondering if Paul Sr. was sick or something? Hes got soo awful lookin since they split up??? I hope him n his sons work everything out, the only thing i did like was when Sr. said he would take all the money hes ever made too see Jr. go down and when he launch the bike with the dummie doll and said it was Jr. a father juss dont say or do things like that about there kids!!! They built the show together and they should resolve everthing there family!!! let me know about Paul Sr. plzzz….I hope hes alright!!!

  • Brendan

    Dear Paul Sr.

    I am a simple man about Paul’s age. I have watched your show since its begining and of recent can see a more aged, worn man both in you and in Paul Jr. I have had at times a strained relationship with my own Dad. However, I have now become his caretaker for the last 10 years and worked to build my own business. I am not writing you because I am a therapist or even a doctor. I am just the son of a man who has suffered as much as you both in the ways you have and physically. I know your love your sons and each day you hurt not getting to build the business with them. As I hurt every day that I was not able to do the things I want to do with my dad including having him share in my wedding. He was just to sick to enjoy it. Recently, my dad has been in ICU and I was worried he would never get to hold or love my son. I worked in my dad’s business for 10 years before I opened my own business. My father eagerly got us started working for him at a young age. My point is, I believe we have similiarties, and I am sure this isn’t the first letter you have received from someone like me. However, after my years of caretaking for my father and my experience with my fathers father. I feel that peace no matter what the cost is worth it. In the end its the legacy you bring to the grave not your money or your business. Your son’s are your legacy. With out them you are nothing. Its not that you can’t be something. But your children are the foundation of what you are and can be. You can only be greater with them. I can see you are getting older. I can see the strain and fighting is aging you very quickly. before it is too late, even more so than what you have already done. Put all of your concerns aside, all of the ill repute and embrace your sons for who they are and what you raised them to become. They are not at fault for becoming what they are, what you are, for you raised them to be something greater than yourself. Sometimes the greatest thing a father can do is step aside and let his son/s take lead. The greatest olive branch you can give is open arms. Quit saying things about them on TV. Forgive and forget, look what you have already lost, but in the end, after all the fighting is over. What have you truly won? Part of OCC but lost something much more valuable, your sons.
    God Bless

  • paul jr showed you again last night get a life!!!!1

  • connie

    How is Gus? Watched the show last night, and then i went to bed crying. How did the surgery and recover go?

  • Kelly

    I am very angry at paul sr.,jr. and mike. you three are very headstrong men. you all argue about things that you all can’t communicate properly about. you all have said terrible things about each other on camera. i know you all love each other. what if tomorrow you were informed that one of you were killed? you would never be able to speak to your loved one again. you have a chance to make this right. stop this madness. sr., visit jrs shop and encourage him and send some business his way. jr. stop being so hard on your dad and let him know you love him and thank him for what he has taught you. you two are very alike. sr. every man, son or not, must be able to branch out on his own to feel his own manhood. mike get it together and find your way and stop taking sides. instead of always pointing out each others flaws, praise each other for all the skills you have. none of us are perfect in life. merry christmas to you all.

  • notapaulsrFAN

    I think uh paul sr is a total POS.. I am a father uh and uh find it uh disturbing uh how much of uh an Ahole sr is uh to his uh family not uh just jr, He seems obsessed with uh his own uh son. Whatever bad comes to uh sr uh is just karma uh catching uh up with uh him for all uh he is uh doing to his uh family uh. Seems fame and fortune uh has uh ruined uh his morals and character uh.. What a dooosh bag and uh ruined man uh i would not put sr uh in the same uh category as uh all uh the dead beat dads uh out there uh he is not even a father uh.. peace.. uh

  • Sammy Glisson

    Have you ever considered building a 4 wheeled chopper using the Can-Am Spyder front end technology mated to a trike rear,powered by Harley? I havethis bike pictured in my head and think it would be mind blowing.

  • Matt

    Paul Jr Made you what you are today you freak out to much maybe it’s the roid rage???

  • Mark

    I really enjoy your series. Used to partly own a family automotive business
    Which has since hit hard times after in our family for 3 generations and
    65 years. I know how hard it can be to run a company with family. I am digging myself out of a huge financial hole and had to declare bankruptcy when the business went under. I would love to have the ability to buy one of your bikes one day, but I am sure it’s pretty far fetched. But we all have to have dreams.
    Take care,

  • jay

    Sr, how do you sleep at night? The way you treat your sons and the mean things you say about them. Paulie and mikey are good boys, any father would be proud of. You should be proud of jr for starting his business and quit being so mean and rotten to him. He really needed to get away from you. You never got off his back. Now he has peace and quiet and can work. He is a great designer, but never got any praise from you, just nagging and yelling and put downs. Even though he’s gone your still putting him down. Grow up.

  • anthony

    Hey Paul SR. hows that size 12 feel in your own mouth? first you tried to rob your own son of his occ shares in court. how did that work out? thats right now u have to settle. you said pjd could never build a bike like occ. and how did that one work out? last i checked jasons caddy bike was at 50k and jrs was at 500k haha. so tell us again how jr is arrogant. you have a lot of nerve. i hate to even mention that he is ur son cause you dont deserve to be mentioned in the same sentence as him. he is a humble gentleman. all you do is put him down and attack him. you are a phycho in need of serious therapy. also for some truth. whenever you talk to your employees and they encourage your behaviors and tellyou that you are right. remember that they all work for you and are all scared of you. if you fired anyone of them ill bet theyll tell you the truth about how much of an asshole you are. and that JR is correct and you are just an immature Roid raging idiot. seems you lost weight? that wouldnt be related to your deppression due to your reality of being the worst father ever would it? you cry over a dog, but go on to bash ur own son. now thats class. you are a douche that deserves to die alone.

  • kevin

    Paul senior.You brag alot about being many years sober.But for what I have seen you do not work a good program.You are always pointing out your son’s short comings.Maybe you should start your program over starting with step one.No doubt you are on a massive dry drunk……