brammo-1280-07Its no accident that two riders representing Brammo started their PR road trip earlier this week from Ann Arbor, MI to Washington, DC.  It also the happens to be about the same route CEO’s took from the big three, but instead of asking for a handout they are only looking to promote electric transportation as a solution to the transportation “crisis”.

The trip is about 520 miles and will take them about a week and a half (Google maps claims the trip should take 8 hours), hopefully because they are sight seeing or visiting family and friends along the way, unfortunately its more likely it will take this long due to the limited range of the batteries in the Enertia bike.

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The electric bike can go up to 60 mph and has a range of 42 miles but takes about 4 hours to charge on a standard 110 V outlet, they claim the trip will only cost $4 in electricity.  Another big negative on the Enertia is the price tag, $11,995, the bikes are available at Best Buy.

If your interested in following the trip click here.

  • Gurney

    Like the idea very much, the style is ‘perfect’ (fighter), perhaps a realistic reflection on the available consumer technology but the price point is simply too high, and the range is simply too short to get me off my dinosaur burning speed triple.

    It will likely mar the simple beauty of this product but I would advise building into the design an honest to goodness anchor point for a security chain/cable and its simple routing ‘groove’. Something as ‘rad’ as this will be tempting to the sticky-fingered knuckleheads.

    Very much like the idea that the maintenance is low.

    I suspect it will be a great city bike for a city dweller that works in the city. Europa sounds like a perfect market, way too much suburban sprawl here in the USofA, my commutes to the job is 43 miles each way, mostly highway- 55-minutes each way in an ideal situation, lord help me if there is an accident or construction en-route, the time can easily double, so something like this in my world will be a recreational ‘toy’ still with not enough range to feel safe, and it’s simply to spendy to be such. It cost as much as a “real” bike if ya dig! (Yeah, I know it’s a ‘real’ bike..)