starVmax.dragfest.flyerThe Star Motorcycles VMax is the most powerful production streetbike in mass production. On October 25, 2009, a few VMax enthusiasts will be tearing up the dragstrip at Sacramento Raceway Park. The event is open to all and members.

TR3_5340The highlight of the event will be quarter-mile legend Dale Walker trying to set new VMax records on bikes modified to produce 200 horsepower at the rear wheel. Traction has proven to be an issue for the current VMax, so drag slicks have been spooned on to harness the big power through the shaft drive. Walker will also be offering free drag race lessons. Only Yamaha motorcycles are allowed in the event.’s Fonzie will be there to capture the sights and sounds of the mighty V-4 engines roaring down the track.

More info can be found at the website.

  • Mahnaz

    not splitting hairs, but the migthy Max was not one of the fastest- top speed for the VMX was around 120 or so. It IS one of the quickest. The original could cover the quarter mile in 10.78 (IIRC). Jay Gleason put a drag slick and wheelie bars on a stock VMax back in ’84, and did the quarter mile in under ten seconds. Current versions aren’t quite as quick as the originals…