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Update Nov 13: Last Buell Motorcycle Rolls Off the Line

An emotional Erik Buell has posted a video on the Buell Motorcycle site officially announcing that Harley-Davidson has shut down all Buell motorcycle production.  Harley-Davidson will honor all warranties for Buell owners, Buell dealers will still be selling the limited supply of bikes that are currently on hand.  Visit Motorcycle.com News for more details.

You can watch the video statement from Eric Buell after the jump.

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And check out our factory tour and the Buell story below.

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  • That was tough to watch. They have a talented team, I’m sure they will be fine.

  • Swrv

    A very sad day for American motorcycling.

  • Max D.

    Now maybe Mr. Buell can make motorcycles with modern engines.

  • Chas.

    PLEASE PLEASE tell me this is some sick joke!? I’ve been planning, scheming, dreaming and NOW ThIS!!???

    Harley!? Are you listening!? Are you NUTS!? Buells are only rideable bikes you make!!! I’m sorry, but I tried a “cruiser” back in the day. And the riding ergonomics are horrific. I don’t want to pose in traffic, I want to survive!!

    The economy is NOT getting much better any time soon. I need 50+ mpg on a machine that won’t cause my butt-cheeks to pinch a hole in the saddle/seat as I try to merge/pass in the assinine traffic orbiting the beltway. Everybody poo-poo’s the 2-valve twin, but lets face it, for everyday riding, torque, and in this economy, mpg are king.

    As far as I’m concerned, the current crop of 2 and 4 cylinder, 4 valve, dual cam (modern engines)offerings have been performance-tuned out of the mainstream and into the realm of exotic toys.

    Way to go Harley. I’d buy a SMART car before I bought a whateverBob.

  • Max D you are an idiot. the 1125R won the championship and beat Honda, Yamaha, Susuki and Kawasaki.
    the 1125r had a liquid cooled engine with a sliper clutch.
    now why dont you go to your garage and burn your damn japp bike idiot

  • CJ

    Sad to hear this news, wish them the best, Buells were sure a unique brred, will miss them for sure!

    Hey Max D, nice way to kick a guy when he is down.

  • BellesAZ

    Buy a Victory.. it’s garbage like this that keeps sending Harley down the river.. floating past with their bag of spare parts. Shame on Harley for producing a piece of junk motorcycle, not honoring warranties.. and charging a fortune.

    I bought a Victory and I’ve never looked back. Twice the bike, half the price and a support system that’s everything a bike company should be!

  • Rob

    I can never go back to cruisers. I got my first Sportster maybe 10 years ago(emphasis on SPORT), I was weaned on a couple of Buell Blasts, I recently aquired a Buell Ulysses. While riding with some friends the other day, I swithed from the Ulysses to my Sportster that I was letting a friend ride. I couldn’t believe the difference, what a lug that Sportster is. I am 50 years old, there is no way I can go back to a Harley now, I have been bitten by the Buell bug and befriended by the comradery of the Buell sportbike family.
    Harley Davidson Corporation, you have made a poor choice, the competition is offering affordable “lifestyle” bikes with some modern technology, and many potential customers are getting into motorcycling and not giving the Motorcompany a second thought.
    I do not wish the company any ill will or anger, but I am evolving in my motorcycling, I believe others are looking for a more friendly, sophisticated motorcycling experience, and Buell Motorcycles had that.

  • Nick

    CAN’T BELIEVE THIS CRAP!!! I own a 99 S3 and now I am going to have to sell it, because it will obsolete and no one will want to work on it. HD should be ashamed of itself. I was just about to purchase an XB12T, not now, crap I am going to have to buy a jap sport tourer. I sure am not going to pay the price for a beemer. Harley needs to have the balls to come out and tell us why at least.

  • Between Aermacchi, Buell and MV Agusta, Harley will never be taken seriously if they want to get back in the sport bike market. Hopefully Erik Buell can take the company private again.

  • Sid

    What a shame! Buell did not fail, Harley killed it along with it’s own future. Buell offered excellent street (real world) performance with outside the box thinking and an alternative to the “cookie cutter” world of Japanese sport bikes and/or “cruisers”. In 40 years of motorcycling, I had never stepped into a Harley “boutique” until they started selling Buells. Nearly everyone who speaks negatively about Buells have never ridden one or is too caught up in the “race bike” paradigm to see the bike’s brilliance. Buell was/is a “niche” bike that had the potential to go main stream, given just a bit more time (and a healthy economy). I will continue to enjoy my Buell for years to come, Thanks Erik!

  • Neil Scarlett

    I’m truly sorry to hear that Buell will be closing down. I was a Harley/Buell sales person once (now retired). I was privileged to ride Buells at the Las Vegas raceway when the new Buells were introduced in 2002. We rode competitive bikes, the old style as well as the new model Buells. The Buells were torque monsters & a hoot to ride. I’ve always believed that the standard Harley dealer method of selling motorcycles is a poor fit for selling sport bikes like Buell. It’s a completely different kind of selling & marketing. At the Las Vegas competitive ride we spoke with dealers who were successful selling Buells. They had a separate facility, or at least a separate department, from the Harley operation that employed sport bike/sport racing enthusiasts. They went to the races too. Most Harley dealers chose not to or were unable to make that kind of commitment. Thanks for the effort, Erik, & all of you at Buell.

  • Mollygrubber

    That’s a damn shame, and bad business strategy for Harley Davidson, as intelligent motorcyclists (at least 20% of the total, or whatever the non-H.D. population is) will no longer be coming to their showrooms. I hope Eric decides this is an opportunity to continue this innovative and forward-thinking marque on his own. Best of luck to him.

  • Trond Berg

    I have followed Buell for many years and I really loved their bikes. I bought my first Buell in early 08 a XB12 SCG. Not laying to you guys It was the last thing I looked at before I went to bed and the first thing I looked at in the morning. I realize that it would not beat a 700 cc Japanese bike, but that was not the point either. This bike had character and sole and a point of everyone’s conversation where ever I went, so it was with great sadness that I received the news in the morning when I logged on to the Buell website, as I usually do, I really feel with Mr. Buell and what he goes through, I also lost my Buell after being run over by a old lady. She came from church and I was in mine. The injuries received from the crash was fare less painful than losing my beloved Buell. I was down on the ground and could see my mingled bike over the shoulder, I asked one of the nice people who came to check on me how the bike looked and asked him if he could turn off the ignition, witch he did. Now that Buell is no longer going to build this wonderful machine I realize it will be really hard for me to get a new bike when the day comes that I again can look for a new Buell. I like to thank Mr. Buell for his contrebution to the American Motorcycle history.

  • The impending absence of Buell from the world motorcycle market is a clearly negative development. Despite the aggravating amount of preferential treatment Buell received in American road racing to make them competitive, the company has unarguably built lots of really good street bikes since its inception in 1983. Good luck to Eric and crew with whatever they decide to do next.

  • T. Coldcreek

    Maybe Buell will be lucky enuff to be picked up by a team like the guys that bot Triumph and make superior bikes. I would drop any thing that resembled Hardly D and up grade the 1125 to fend off the challengers.

  • moto

    Maybe if Hardley-Ableson had shifted 10% of its budget for “new” billet gizmos and more of the same 45hp antiques that it produces, Buell wouldn’t have to close….

  • ben moody

    I think this was a stupid thing for Harley Davidson to do.
    A Buell was the only american bike i would have bought.Now what do we do? Thank you Erik for all the great ideas you gave us. I lost my job at an American paper mill when the company shut it down.It is a sad feeling after 23 years. I am sorry for Erik and his employees.

  • bmwguy

    Its’s a sad day when someone who is taking Harley into the future is shot down. Harley needs to market to a wider group of people. Not everone whats to ride a hog. Some of us want a practical bike that handles and is comfortible. Eric Buell is a true friend to motorcyclist.

  • Greg

    After riding for 38 years, British, Japanese, and German bikes, I believe that I’ll never own an American bike. Harleys are ‘tractors’ and many, if not most of their riders are now ‘posers’. The company is a ‘big deal’ on Wall Street. Big Frikin Deal. They are not ‘enthusiasts’, they are ‘suits’, period! Long Live the Enthusiast!

  • StGLk

    A bad sign of the times. I ride Harleys and I’m not going to knock them, But Harley needed the R&D Buell could afford to gamble with. Air cooled technology will not survive. Maybe Polaris has room next to the Victorys. Harley Davidson’s lose.

  • 1noble1

    Shocked and saddened I am, as I was planning to upgrade soon from my XB9SX, but I will not buy another ride that could soon run out of replacement parts. After all, I just bought a Saturn!
    But seriously, Hardley will continue to court the market with overdressed underperforming bikes, while the rest of the bike world will continue to bring excitement and innovation to the American market, and in a few years Harley will go to all three-wheelers because their fan base will no longer be able to hold a two-wheeler up!
    Hey Polaris, where are you? Don’t you need to get into the sport bike market? Quick way to buy in…

  • Alan Thompson

    That was hard to watch….I couldn’t believe it! I was planning on trading in my Sportster for a Buell……. Loved watching Buell clean up in Daytona Sportbike this summer….. I guess not I’ll have to go to a Ducati or something. Bummer!

  • Flying Yankee

    I have a 1997 Cyclone that I bought knew, her engine has been “enhanced” over the years, and with over 30k on the odo, she is still a force to be reckoned with…

    I will now take personal delight in SMOKING all those HD CVO bikes that claim to be fast, the XR1200?, I pity those riders as they will only see my fading tailight.

    My duty is now clear, convince as many riders who claim to ride “fast Harleys” that they are NOT!

  • stinkywheels

    I’ve been riding a S1 since 96. I love that bike everytime I hit the starter and suppository seat. I was waiting for the XB12XT to gain another 1/2 to 1 gallon of gas. When I saw it wasn’t gonna happen, I bought one anyway. Luckily my local dealer really likes them and owns many. Wish me luck along with all the other riders and Buell lovers in keeping this upstart genius (Erik) in plain noisy view.

  • LUIZ CARLOS (Brazil)

    As a Buell Citycross owner, I think really sorry for HD descontinuing the production of Buell’s models. The motorcycles are very interesting and visually an alternative to the japanese. I expect Mr. Buell find new partners to keep producing and introducing new technologies, engines for his products. Good luck Mr. Buell.

  • Richard

    lets be honest the buells are only faster than the harleys cause they weigh less.. Even the Buell XB12T with all its bags weighs less than the little sporster If Harley isn’t going to do anything for the future it should at least try to use some of Buells technology so at least the bike feels more state of the art. Maybe they could incorporate the fuel in the frame idea on all their bikes..and the brake system too so they could have less weight and help the over all weight of the bike which would help with handling and speed

  • Donald

    Buell is ahead of every one else,and the bike was perfect with it’s rider focused design,and it’s idler pulley,so a belt would last for ever,and mass centralization,and low unsprung weight,and chassis rigidity,and it’s power band 1230cc 84 ft/lbs of toque,and it being a 45 degree v-twin it was good for long distance,and the street’s,so when guy’s living in the 1950s say it in harley dealer ships it was like a space ship to them.

  • Tino

    Sooo Sad to hear. Harley killed the best thing to ever happen to American motorcycling because a bunch of old farts sitting in an office in Milwaukee live in the past and can’t see the future of what the customer really wants. The moto industry will not be the same again. Now that Buell is gone I bet all the technology and innovation brought to the industry by Buell will now start showing up on the Jap-crap sport bikes. Harely execs are a bunch of idiots!!