Not everyone can pull off a tattoo, I know I can’t.  Or maybe I’m just too scared to ink up my entire arm for the rest of my life, sporting a faded and stretched color blotch when I’m 75 with my grand kids trying to guess what it once was.

Well Harley-Davidson has a solution for me (and maybe you!)

Fake it!

Harley-Davidson’s new clothing line has been designed by “Tattoo Masters” to give you that authentic tattoo look, but on a shirt.

Show your individuality with H-D Ink, a new, limited-edition brand of MotorClothes® apparel. Inked by tattoo masters from around the world and cut from the highest-quality materials, H-D Ink is available exclusively at select H-D dealerships

They’re actually quite fashionable if yer into skulls, eagles, spider webs, and dragons.  I actually think the women’s shirts are way cooler then the men’s.  The prices range from $60 to $95 USD and can’t be bought online so head over to a dealership to pick a few up before they are gone.

See the rest of the post for a fancy H-D commercial and a few pics of their apparel.  Head over to Harley’s site to see the full line.

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  • Cool blog post! I love Harley tattoos but never really a fan of the fact of having to sport one 24/7/365 so clothing would be the next best thing and you can change them when you like. Very nice line up! Thanks

  • FatBackBrian

    Doesn’t Ed Hardy already do this?

  • Great style, very unique look on just about anyone. We’ve been tempted to pick these up for our shop.


  • Milka Giordano

    What a great tattoo! I think Temporary Tattoos can also be used on t-shirt. Where did you get the design? It’s simply amazing! Coz I usually see the tribal type.

  • I liked this t-shirts. They look really cool making you look more elegant and stylish.

  • Nice Tattoos design with Harley-Davidson

  • Awesome

    Nice post, thanks! Could you explain the first paragraph more? %WEBSITE%