QLINK have published a post on their blog to respond to the QLINK XF200 bike review that was published on motorcycle.com.  After reading the review, QLINK felt there were some issues that were raised in the article that needed more explanation and clarity.

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2009 QLINK XF200 Review

Motorcycle.com just released the product review for 2009 QLINK XF200 Supermoto on its website. This product review was setup almost two months ago by motorcycle.com. After reading this review, we would like to respond to some points not revealed in this article.

First of all, we are so grateful that Mr. Brisette and his team made such insightful review on QLINK XF200. QLINK will continue to push XF200 to another higher level based on all comments from this review and readers’ feedback.

A lot of people are still confused about who is QLINK. QLINK actually is established in 1988 in Taipei, Taiwan, and now QLINK has become a multinational group having companies in USA, Mexico, Brazil, Nigeria, Hungary, and China. Technically speaking, QLINK does not produce any vehicles. What QLINK does is to search the best products from different manufacturers to make up its product line. So far none of a single Chinese manufacturer can make all powersports products. Some are specialized in scooter, and some are focusing on off-road bikes. As a result, QLINK has made commitment to becoming a platform providing the best value products from different manufacturers. Yes, you may see same product that QLINK has and someone else has also, but QLINK is rearranging its product line to be all exclusive, such as Megelli series.

So, what is the relationship between QLINK and Jinan Qingqi? Just like what I have mentioned above, Jiana Qingqi is one of QLINK’s manufacturers in China and QLINK has exclusivity to sell XF200 and XP200in USA. QLINK was told by Qingqi that it has joint venture with Suzuli in China to produce engines for Suzuki. In fact, it’s very common for Chinese manufacturers to have some sort of cooperation with foreign companies in China. The major reasons for this kind of cooperation. One is that foreign companies can take advantage of lower labor cost in China for production. Second is that those foreign companies can sell technology to Chinese manufacturers and open Chinese market via those Chinese manufacturers they work with.

Last but not least, QLINK is trying to providethe best value products in the market. In this review, it mentioned about some parts are not highest quality compared with Japanese bikes. However, we need to know our strategy is not to cope with Japanese manufacturers but to fill in the gap that people want more affordable price but still acceptable quality and warranty. Most of QLINK products are at least 30% less than Japanese brands but double length of period for warranty. Moreover, all QLINK street bikes come with one year free roadside assistance. I have to say that it is your business if you decide to pay more, but it is QLINK’s business if you want to pay less!

  • QLINK XF200 is like a japanese bike with good color theme

  • Jared

    So, I should want to spend money to support Communist China why?

  • WoodlandDave

    Jared hit it square. There are enough problems as it is without over supporting a country that now days good luck on buying something that isn’t made in China. My experience has without exception been inferior quality either right away or shortly down the road.

  • Red Army

    Jared: “So, I should want to spend money to support Communist China why?”

    Then stop buying shoes, toys for your kids, appliances, electronics, etc., etc…

    American companies, as well as consumers, are deeply invested in China, financially.

  • Hans Krugger

    I just bought 2 XF 200s – one for my son and one for myself. I come from a family of riders. I have to say, these are one of the best bargins around. I am more than impressed. For nearly the same quality at less than half the price of a Kawasaki, Honda or Yammaha – I could by two Q-Link XF 200s.

    Inspite of the german nickname, my family is an old, traditional american family. We have no love of Commies -but China and the US are linked – We buy their stuff and they buy ours. Its the free market system. The more we buy – the more power we have to influence them to improve worker standards, environmental protection and trading terms. BTW – china has never waged war on us – Japan has…

    Even Harley-Davidson has parts made over seas. World trade and manufaturing is evolving.

    I bought my chinese bike from an american shop (a family friend) who made money off of it.

    I say – buy a cycle from who ever you please, and buy less gas from the &^%$$#@! Muslim Jack-asses.

  • Alvaro

    Hello Hans how are you. I am from Guatemala, Central America and I have one xf200, just that here in Guatemala its called sx200 but its the sameone. I have some questions for you if you don´t mind.
    Did you already made some modifications to the xf200 and with ones? Maybe you could share something that may be usefull for me.
    I´m willing to change the back tyre. Do you know if the tyre size 150/70 – 17 will fit on the back rim? Or the tyre will be to big for the rim and I should change the rim?

    I bought a civi box for the motorcycle and install it on the back and the bike got really nice, I installed hand guards and also bought another exaust and installed it on the other side(where a small rubber case was) and now I have twin exausts just like supermotos and it lokes really nice. And I think I got more power

    I´m thinking about changing the back sproket for a bigger one but i don´t know if I will

    Have a nice day

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