Attracting attention while riding is not always an easy thing to do, but imagine if you could ride naked!  That’s the concept behind the AD that was created to promote motorcycle awareness in Australia, unfortunately its not an option (or fortunately depending on who it is) unless your looking to attract some negative attention from the police…

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  • RR

    Ouch….road rash anyone? Funny as hell though. I’m going to have to go find a lonely road and get some naked time on the bike 😛

  • Xdhabi

    This video is not from New Zealand, it’s from New South Wales, Australia. That’s the big brown country having a nation-wide barbeque at the moment. New Zealand is the wee green country 3 hours to the east. No we’re not near Iraq or very close to Texas. You won’t find us by relying on your GPS and driving here, you’ll drown. Buy a map or globe. Or if you understand that Google Earth is not just about America, you could use that. Yes that’s right – New Zealand.

  • K1W1

    Don’t believe everything you find on You Tube.

    This is NOT an ad from New Zealand and it is NOT new.

    It’s about three years old and it’s from New South Wales in Australia and was all over the web when it was first shown on TV there.

  • Shakib Shahriyar

    I don’t care what others think, to me it was very very very funny video.
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