Zhang, a Chinese factory worker admitted that he started stealing parts back in 2003 and assembling them at home over a five-year period. When the motorcycle was finally completed, the worker was pulled over almost immediately when police noticed he had no license for the bike. Zhang, was ordered to return the motorcycle, fined $725 and put on one-year probation.


  • FZ

    If yer gunna be a thief, go all the way!

  • rus

    “I got it one piece at a time….”

  • toomanycrayons

    What a sick bunch we motorcyclists are. I say we pass the hat and save our new hero. Eat your heart out 1%-ers. Bad, and patient. What can you say? No ADHD there.

  • communist1

    Anyone who works for a motorcycle factory for 5+ years and knows the equipment well enough to assemble it without assistance should be given a free bike /and/ a raise.