If you haven’t heard, or have seen the new 2010 Buell Blast, you should check it out before viewing the video below.

Buell has re-branded itself over the last month or so and have been taking a very close look at themselves.  Not only did they change their logo, but they decided to put to rest a motorcycle that just didn’t fit what they really wanted to be making.  Sport bikes.

So the 2010 Buell Blast is a crushed hunk of metal signifying the end of that model.  There will be no Blast in the future so don’t hold your breath!

From comments on our own blog and across the Internet, it seems that not everyone agrees with Erik Buell’s decision to kill this beginner motorcycle.

So to help everyone understand this decision, Buell has thrown together a video explaining why they killed the Buell Blast.  See the rest of the post for the 3 minute video.

For more Buell video, check out the Motorcycle.com Buell Video Channel.

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  • Brian

    The desire to change and innovate inherently means you’re going to piss people off. People don’t like change; they like the same old song and beer. I’m not at all surprised at the reaction.

    I don’t think the marketing is insulting to Blast owners. We all know that Blasts are sold after 1600 miles to the next new rider. I see it every week on Craigslist. So what if Buell doesn’t want to be known for that kind of product?

    And now, with the economy the way that it is, there’s a chance for Buell to emerge with a strong set of principles, identity, and vision. I can only support them in this decision. I’ll say it again; Go Buell! Go!

    And lastly – maybe it’s me, but – I didn’t interpret any of this as the end of an entry level bike from Buell. I guess time will tell, though.

  • The shock of losing the Blast caught many of the Buell faithful unprepared. I was initially one of the most vociferous critics (See http://socalbuellriders.blogspot.com/2009/07/bye-bye-blast.html). But the truth is, we DO need to move forward, and all things should be on the table.

    Ruthless engineering? I’m all for it. More than anything Buell riders want to win. I’m ready to see the next generation of Buells, and I hope they’re engineered without mercy.

  • mog

    A Ducati 125cc Bronco was the first motorcycle I owned.
    I rode it to work, raced at Blue Comet scrambles, pulled out the engine
    and put in a steam engine, got movies of it, put the Ducati back together
    and sold it.

    A great starter bike! However, Ducati no longer produces the 4 stroke Bronco.

    Sense triumphs over sensitivity.

  • I do not care for luke warm coffee either. Great move Buell! HD did not want their name on it for the same reason.
    Build a GREAT entry level sport bike that can proudly display the Buell name.

  • 2 time buell owner