According to Honda’s head of motorcycle operations, Tatsuhiro Oyama, the lithium-ion battery powered motorcycle will target corporate customers which may include Japan Post and delivery companies, the bike will debut in Japan next year.

Oyama, made the announcement on August 1st at a test drive event in Motegi, Japan. Honda started building a battery factory earlier this year with joint-venture partner GS Yuasa, manufacturing batteries for Honda’s electric hybrid cars but Oyama declined to disclose the motorcycle battery supplier.


  • RIch

    It’s about time. Most motorcycles are used in shorter durations than cars making battery capacity less of an issue. If it comes in close to the price of a IC bike I will buy one. Hopefully it will be more of a standard or DP rather than a sport style bike. It will be interesting where the technology lets them slot the machine in terms of price and performance.