We have been sent what the Motorcycle.com team seems to think are spy shots of the new Ducati Multistrada which is supposed to be liquid-cooled and faster.  Judging from the tape on the motorcycle pictured above, it looks like it was out for road testing and they didn’t want to reveal some details of the bike.

What more can I say?  They’re spy shots! What do you think of this thing? Is this the Multistrada update that Pete had in mind?

See more pictures after the jump.

  • Eric

    From what I’ve been able to gather this isn’t really going to be a Multistrada. The forum folk seem to think it’s the “Strada Aperta”. It sounds like its less focused than the multi…which is a shame. We already have the KTM990 Adv, various BMW bikes, Triumph Tiger, Buell Uly, etc in the “adventure segment”. I’d like to have more “comfortable sport bikes” to choose from. Right now we have two; the current Multi, and the KTM 990 SMT (which we can’t even get in the USA).

    I saw this question from a Ducati Rep in one of those forums:

    What are you bringing to EICMA 2009? 2010?

    “For 2009 there will be quite a few surprises, and multiple new bikes. The ‘road enduro’ of which many spy photos exist will be there… however, we don’t think of it as an ‘road enduro’ like the mags describe it.”

  • David

    This sure looks like a Multistrada with a Hypermotard nose and a big windshield to me. It makes sense that Ducati would do away with the current nose design which was viewed as a failure on the 999 as well. I agree with Eric on the comfort part and my current ‘strada with a stock seat has served me well on some 500 mile days. As for the engine, some may wish for the 1098 with the plumbing and maintainence that come with it but I don’t. We don’t need more power on a bike like this. People take long trips need reliability which is one purpose for this bike. People who use this as an around town and commuter bike need the same thing. The street
    fighter has all the power anyone could need and occupies the power niche well. The Multistrada need inexpensive, durable, easy to remove and replace luggage options. I like the look of the hard briefcase that is attached to the back of the test mule. I need that 5 days a week. And I want a rugger top case and side cases that are aerodynamic but don’t have to be too pretty for touring. Oh yes and heated grips that don’t cost $500 and a place to mount a GPS.

  • Torque1997

    The current Multistrada is FUGLY! If these spy shots are representive of what the new one will look like it’s a definite improvement.

  • Kyle

    It look’s like an angery bee/hornet coming at you!
    Anyway mabey they will have ABS this time.