Born out of the Victory CORE concept bike that was unveiled at the New York IMS earlier this year, the all-new Cross Roads was officially announced yesterday going head-to-head with the Harley-Davidson Road King.  Go to to get all of the specs and details on this bike and the rest of the 2010 Victory line-up.

  • Wow, I just wrote an article for Motorcycle Cruiser magazine that appeared in the August 2009 issue, suggesting that if Victory did not use the stacked exhaust on its Kingpin Tour and either used 2-into-1 exhaust or an exhaust pipe on either side of the bike, they could increase the size of the hardbags and resulting storage capacity by 50%. I used Photoshop to create a visual representation of my ideas. The 2010 models seems to incorporate them, and makes these bikes models that I would be very interested in seeing, and perhaps purchasing. I am volunteering to be the first to do a cross country tour on one of these new bikes, if Victory is interested! I would definitely like to write the first travel article on the great new product! – Phil Buonpastore.

  • charlie bourg

    and i would like to ride along on my new 09 yam.raider.

  • Scottie

    I agree with Philip. The stacked pipes were really in the way. I was waiting for Victory to use crossover pipes to allow for bigger bags, but didn’t expect them to bring along the “CORE” frame. If I hadn’t bought Stratoliner a couple of months ago, I’d be in line to buy one. I’ll still line up for a test ride.

  • Shawn in Raleigh

    I own a Kingpin now, and larger bags would come in handy. The next step up USE TO BE the Vision. Nice Bike, but just more than I wanted for my around town trips.
    Assuming the ride is worth the step up, I’ll be anxious to move on up. Can you say “Trade-in”?

    This is exciting!

  • Shawn – Consider that since the Kingpin uses the same engine(does it?), you might try to find out whether the new exhaust would fit on the older Kingpin model, and simply buy aftermarket larger bags, or maybe even Victory’s hardbags – I guess you’d have kind of a hybrid model.
    Phil B.

  • Shawn in Raleigh

    Thanks Phil!

    Actually the Kingpin still uses the 100CI engine rather than the newer and larger 106CI Engine. The extra few horses isn’t reason enough to break out the check book though. There is another reason I’ll be anxious to take a hard look at moving up to the Cross Country. After a few months of 2-up riding with the wife, I’ve noticed that the suspension on the Kingpin tends to wanders a bit. Something not noticed while riding single. Victory is bragging up the 4.7 inches of travel, and a “New” suspension. If they can make good on that promise, then I’m a brand new Cross country owner!


  • Top

    Now, if Victory will just make a chopped or razon version of a quick release trunk it would make the Cross-Country/Cross Roads a real touring cruiser. Also, it’s time, in my humble opinion, for Victory to break out and begin getting their name and bikes in motorcycle magizines and television commericals.

  • Bruce

    Actually the trunk is already done it is not released yet. But when it is released the Cross bikes will boast 39 gallons of storage…yep 1 jar short of 8 pickle buckets. The trunk is quick release like the bags and has 2 more stereo speakers and running lights and obviously a passenger backrest. It is killer looking too from the spy photos that I have. The engine is far superior to the 100 with Lloyds cams and resister plate the Visions are getting somewhere in the area of 118 hp and 125 ft# of tq. I have a friend that can do wheelies with his Vision. That is the same motor that is in the new Cross bikes oh and the Cross bikes weigh 100# less than the vision.

    The frame on the cross bikes are also different than the kingpin…they have an all new sand cast aluminum design specifically for them. The engineers say that they are everything that is good about the Vision only way better. I haven’t decided whether or not to sell my Kingpin but my new Cross Country is ordered in Midnight Cherry.

  • Jolene from Iowa

    I am proud to say I have just received delivery on my 2010 Victory Cross Roads. I rode a Kingpin prior to my new purchase and liked that bike a lot. I traded with over 40,000 miles on it. I am amazed at the ride of the Cross Roads. Man, it’s so smooth, easy to handle, and is great at slow speeds/turns. I’m loving the HUGE bags!! Storage will never be an issue again. My husband rides a Vision and I bet he’s going to ask me for extra space on those long trips. Any of you who ride a Kingpin will love the ride on the new Cross bikes. Absolutely no regrets here. Victory has really done everything right with these new bikes.

  • I just looked at a Cross Country in a Victory showroom – man, I just want one of these bikes. I am glad to hear they added a trunk – it was a natural. I do hope to see Victory add the Vision’s Antilock Brake system as well though – a safety feature that I expect to see added to more touring cruisers. It’s nice to see the cruiser class getting the kind of amenities that sport tourers are now getting – way to go Victory! Phil B.

  • Went to the Indianapolis Motorcycle Expo today. I checked out the “Cross Roads”. Considering the price of this bike, I’ve never been more impressed with a bike! I’m thinking seriously about trading for a “Cross Roads” as soon as I can get to my dealer. With an American motorcycle company building bikes like the Victory, how does Harley stay in business?