Born out of the Victory CORE concept bike that was unveiled at the New York IMS earlier this year, the all-new Cross County was officially announced yesterday going head-to-head with the Harley-Davidson Street Glide.  Go to to get all of the specs and details on this bike and the rest of the 2010 Victory line-up.

  • toomanycrayons

    Damn, that looks familiar….

  • Not to thrilled with any of the HD look alikes and Victory really missed the mark with their wind screen. I currently own a BMW, KTM and HD. Like them all.

  • Scott

    OMG Nailed It Victory….love this bike

  • MB

    I like the one with the skulls paited on. If you haven’t see it look it up there are pix everywhere now. Basically Victory stole a Harly design and showed em how it’s done.

  • Dr. Dan

    I’m a vic rider myself and wondered if i was gonna have to go to Hardly for a nice bagger? Thanx victory for hiting the nail on the head. Now i don’t have to go to the inferior amrican mc. Ride on!

  • Dr. Dan

    Oh and by the way there are different wind screens available for the fairing. Just hoping they make a nice tour pack for the rear.

  • Victory rider myself, Crossroads is a great looking bike this one will be a Winner Great Job

  • Great some more new models that look nice.Now how about Victory take a different engine possibly from there Polaris line of dirt vehicles such as a single or vertical twin and put it into a smaller all around bike or sportier bike.Maybe even an enduro for those of us that like to venture off road.

  • Ok more new models that look nice that is great.Now how about Victory take a engine or two from there Polaris line of vehicles such as a single or verticle twin and put them into some new models of motorcycle.They could put them into a smaller all around bike or sportier bike.They could even possibly go with an enduro and a supermoto models.They need to exspand there model line with different styles and displacements of engine sizes.

  • Scottie

    I’m a Victory fan, but just bought a Stratoliner a couple months ago because I didn’t know the Crosses were coming out and the Kingpin bags look just look silly. With “CORE” frames I bet these bikes handle as well or better than the Stratoliner, which, BTW, handles more like a sport bike than a cruiser. H-D better wake up.

  • Jamie

    Love the bike but what’s with the huge rear belt sprocket I see hanging below the exhaust? Has to cost the bike in either torque or horsepower depending on the transmission set up. Anyone with a 106CI Vision know what’s up?

  • Op

    The cross Country rocks! I’m a Harley owner considering to buy a 2010 Street Glide until I’ve seen the Cross Country. It just blew me away! I love the lines of the Stratoliner with Corbin hard bags and fairing. I like the CVO Street Glide, but I think it’s way over priced. Victory has done it, folks. This scoot has all the right numbers and the looks to boot.

  • Top

    Now, if Victory will come out with a chopped/razor type quick release trunk, we’ll have a real toruing crusier. Also, it would be great to get some riding evaluations on these new bikes. I have one on order already. With Victory leading H-D in American made components, this is the true American made motorcycle. I just wish Victory would capitalize on this fact and begin getting it’s name and pictures into the minds of the American people. H-D has the market at this time with their assessories, pictures, and apparel.

  • RiverRat

    Top…the trunk is already done and looks great. It is just not released yet. There is also a lower fairing with storage…equipted with both the bike boasts 39 gallons of storage. Tonight, just for giggles why don’t ya see what you can fit into 8 – 5 gallon pales…Oh and no torque lost in these bikes…109 ft lbs stock. add a handful with just a stage one upgrade or call Lloyd and get some serious power…Mine is midnight cherry, thank you very much.

  • Top

    River Rat… Sure would like to see what the new trunk looks like. I have a black model on order and a ton of accessories on back order. Hope Victory can keep up!

  • HAVING OWNED A H-D STREETGLIDE AND A ROADKING E-GLIDE(sreaming eagle),and currently a FLHSTCI,I think its about time someone seems to have built a touring twin that actualy hase been built with touring in mind.IT looks Victory has it right,power,seet hieght,suspension and some modern technology,and at a very competitive price.You buy a Harley spend $20K then spend $2or3K making it run and ride like it should have from the factory to begin with,I don’t think it cost any more to build a 88c.i. motor or a 95c.i.,or a 96 or a 103 for that matter.
    I will ride a Cross Country asap,I wonder if my POLARIS dealer will take a trade?

  • ed from oklahoma

    yeah yeah I’ve read,seen,heard all the great stuff about the new cross bikes.But have yet to see or touch one much less test ride one.How long do they have to advertise before they put out a product? And from what i’ve heard on the prices after all the hidden charges they ain’t no cheaper than a HD.

  • Bought a black one

  • ed from oklahoma

    I bet ya did’nt buy it in oklahoma.The dealer in Tulsa said he expects to get two in the next month or two. And there’s 12 on the waiting list. Sounds alittle like HD’s old tricks.

  • No I ought it in Pa.,the weather has not been good for rideing,but I needed a change after 25 or so years.I hope it runs as good as it looks.

  • ed from oklahoma

    When you get it out find agood HD 103 not a SE but a 96 in thats been upgraded and let me know how it measures up.You might convince me to change.But then I’d just have to look up a vic cc down here and see for myself,that is if they ever get one in down here.

  • I also have a 04 FLSTCI that i am going to punch out to 95ci,with Wiseco flat top pistons,andrews TW21 cams and a .030 head gasket.IT should put out about 80hp and 95lb torc.But it will cost a couple of thousand dollars to do that.The only H-Ds that have the 103 stock cost 24 thousand dollars,my CC cost 16.5 after rebates,and it is different!!

  • ed from oklahoma

    Sounds like a heck of a deal. But I don’t think you can get one that cheap here.They’er talkin 18000.00 bare bones and I hav’nt heard about any rebates.I’ve got an 07 flht I ‘ve got a little over 20000.00 in it.I’ts not fancy but it puts out better numbers than any stockscreaming eagle 103 or 110. Anyway come on down, we’ll race em for pinks! Just kiddin.

  • I wonder what the 106 would be like with some more cam,air filter and mufflers,possibly punched to 116ci or so,let the games begin.just kidding I plan to leave it MOSTLY stock except for some mufflers,for now.I do love the way it looks.I got $1000. off for being a vet,then polaris sent me an intrnet deal for $500. off if I bought befor the end of 09,I also get to deduct the sales tax according to Obama.Also I traded a 05 Kawasaki VN2000 Limited,I think I got a good deal.

  • ed from oklahoma

    First off I would’nt trust obama,that being said sounds like a pretty sweet deal.Also you may have heard of this guy,he’s up there in your part of the country.LLoyds Motorworkz.Just type that in or go to does only vics.He’s got some impressive dyno graphs.If he can do what he says I’m going to start savin my pennies and buy a vic even an older one.Or Icould always put aturbo on my old HD for about 5 or 6 grand.

  • HI ED,I know where he is I lived up in Orange county before the nut cases(the Tuttles)were famous.I think I”m going to leave it stock for now,but I did save the web site just in case!!!!How is the weather in OK?.I have not been able to ride the CC yet,it has 1 mile on it.But it does look good.

  • ed from oklahoma

    Speaking of the tuttles your right on there.I think a little too high on himself.And here in sunny okla. it ain’t been above freezing but once since christmas.This week it’s going below 0 with 25 to 40 mph winds.My bike is over in a corner of the garage so I can get truck and car in out of the snow.Ihav’nt started it in almost 3 weeks.Thats the longest I’ve went without at least starting it since it was new!Talk about cabin fever I’m ready for some of that global warming so I can go ridin.I just hope I don’t need a new battery.

  • Frank

    I got my CC delivered Dec 22, I’ve got over 1K on it already ( I’m in south Florida). It performs beautifully. My wife and I are on it constantly. You couldn’t ask for a smoother ride. We can’t wait for the trunk mount to come out, so we can put some distance on it.

  • I got to put 50 miles on mine this Saturday the temps were in the low 50s for the first time since Christmas.I can’t believe how it handles.I am confused about the mp3 hook-up, I can’t find it!I haven’t gone over about 3000 rpms but it feels strong.I think the windshied will need to be a little higher,wind rattles my helmet visor.The H-D guys are not waving.(I still have the FLSTC.)

  • alanrdking

    Now have 100 miles on the CC,it rained on Sunday,I thought the rain would wash the salt off the roads,it did not.After 50 miles the rear fender just back of the seat is getting covered with salt dust,more so tha any other bike I have ridden,there maybe some vacuum created under the seat for some reason.No big deal just an observation,love it so far.

  • Kent

    Waiting for my Cherry Red Cross Country to arrive. Bought today, after riding 05 Kingpin for 5 years. Can’t ever imagine buying a Harley (except boots) after riding and owning a Victory. Anybody added the Stage 1 pipes? I haven’t heard them, so I’m waiting to test.

  • Jerry Benware

    Rode Harley’s for 30+ yrs. Since 2006 I have bought two new Kingpins and took delivery of a 2010 Cross Country. I am an experienced Victory fan!! Have 1000 mi. on now and what a bike, love it. I am getting buffeting from standard windshield. Cee Bailey’s makes replacement windshields in many different heights. $184 vs. Victory’s $350. bobvic2 on ebay reworks stock mufflers for $200 if you send yours in or $275 without sending yours in, vs. Victory’s stage1 for $700. Should have my set this week. Advertise sound and performance gains, excellent reviews on ebay.

  • Cross Bones

    Just waiting for my 2010 CC Skull addition, love the look and after reading all your comment, can’t wait to ride it. BTW traded my HD in and the dealer Vic dealer gave me more than the HD dealer wanted to, Vic is the new HD as far as im concernd.

  • Julian

    I sell them and a love them!! they are super awesome, everytime i let somebody test drive they end up buying it!! ONCE YOU GO VICTORY YOU WON’T BACK!!

  • Had the stage one exhaust upgrade on my CrossCountry. Disappointed about low sound, almost no noticeable sound change. What can I do?