It seems the idea that there is a “special edition” Honda Fury has achieved urban-legend levels. recently spoke to Jon Seidel of American Honda to clarify some of the controversy generated in regarding a special edition Fury model.

According to Seidel, no mention was ever made to the media during the Fury’s press unveiling or in any press material or at any other time, “that any Fury color or specific Fury model was a special edition.”

Seidel stated that he also queried Honda’s product planning department about the existence of any special edition models and reported that no information had ever been released or implied from Honda Product Planning as to the existence of a Fury SE.

With that clarification, Seidel did relay to that the Matte Silver Metallic (notable by the red striping on the exterior edges of the wheels), that costs an additional $500 over the base price of $12,999, was originally expected to be produced in lower volumes than other Fury colors.

The reason for the lower production of the Matte Silver Metallic was simply the result of product planning. “We just weren’t certain if many people were going to like the color, so we didn’t order as much; we have to be somewhat specific with our suppliers,” said Seidel.

To further clear up controversy, Seidel remarked that Honda has never stated or reported any intent to specifically limit production of the Matte Silver Metallic Fury to any number. He did say, however, that due to an overwhelmingly positive response, the company increased production of that color.

It seems various owners —or the general public— are operating under the notion that Honda was limiting the non-existent SE model to only 500 units.

Honda has, in the past, created “special colors” of some models, like the 2008 CBR600RR Graffiti. In those instances of special colors Honda has been very specific about the limited production of such colors. In the case of the CBR Graffiti there were 500 or less produced. is awaiting final word from Seidel as to the possibility that Honda’s advertising arm may have used phrasing or wording indicating a special edition Fury, but Seidel is doubtful such a slip would make it past what is normally a very large confluence of departments within Honda.

If we learn anything contrary to the fact that no SE model was ever intended, or if official wording from somewhere within Honda says that an SE Fury model exists, or at least was mentioned, we’ll post that info immediately.

But by all accounts, a Special Edition Fury is purely myth.

If any reader or Fury owner has any document or official material from Honda (sales materials, sales receipts, dealer-specific materials, etc.) we encourage you to post such in the forum. will then follow up with Honda on any material presented by owners or readers.

Honda Fury pricing and colors.

  • I have the original sales brochure that’s says “FURY HAS BEEN UNLEASHED” on the back where it lists all the colors it says a special edition Matte Silver Metallic with pinstriped wheels.O.K. does that clear up the controversy?it’s in print coming from Honda.

  • Honda advertised a special edition Fury


    Here is a link to the brochure I received when purchasing the bike from the Honda dealer. I circled where it clearly states that there is a special edition.

  • Dan O.

    “Special Edition” does not necessarily mean “Limited Edition”

  • Honda Said the Matter Silver is a limited production model in their original press release back in January for the New York International Motorcycle Show. Please see the “color” section the in following links off of Honda’s own websites.

    “Matte Silver Metallic (2010 special color—limited production)”

    Stated pretty clearly for the pubic to see. Question is now… what does limited production mean to Honda? 500? 1000? 10000?

  • Jack

    What do you wanta bet that the dealers started this SE LE Edition hoaks, to get more out of a deal with unknowing kids.Honda GREAT, American dealers GREEDY.
    Remember the Harley 100th anniverasry edition? they made more of them than the preciding year or the next year and folks though the resale would be good. AHA Guess if ya buy a SE or LE anything you cant paint it..AHA

  • LX

    Here is proof that there was a mention about the special edition. Twitter has this :

    “Hot off the wire: HONDA FURY PRICING! Base Model $12,999; Special Edition $13,499; ABS Version $13,999
    1:57 PM Feb 10th from web “

  • I wish that honda would make two models of the fury, fuel injected and carborator, i have a 07 1300 and the motor is great, they should offer it on a version of the fury.

  • Jeremy Jones

    The matte bullet silver fury is still listed as limited edition on this Honda webpage

  • Roadragepersonified

    There are alot of us that were under the assumption when we bought the Matte Silver Fury that it was a limited production as stated here .
    Fury Specifications:
    Engine Type: 1312cc liquid-cooled 52° V-twin
    Bore and Stroke: 89.5mm x 104.3mm
    Compression Ratio: 9.2:1
    Valve Train: SOHC; three valves per cylinder
    Induction: PGM-FI with automatic enricher circuit, one 38mm throttle body
    Ignition: Digital with three-dimensional mapping, two spark plugs per cylinder
    Transmission: Five-speed
    Final drive: Shaft
    Suspension Front: 45mm fork; 4.0 inches travel
    Rear: Single shock with adjustable rebound damping and five-position spring preload adjustability; 3.7 inches travel
    Brakes Front: Single 336mm disc with twin-piston caliper
    Rear: Single 296mm disc with single-piston caliper
    Tires Front: 90/90-21
    Rear: 200/50-18
    Wheelbase: 71.24 inches
    (Caster Angle): 38.0°
    Trail: 3.5 inches
    Seat Height: 26.7 inches
    Fuel Capacity: 3.4 gallons
    Colors: Dark Red Metallic, Metallic Silver, Ultra Blue Metallic, Black, Matte Silver Metallic (2010 special color- limited production)
    Curb Weight*: 663 pounds
    *Includes all standard equipment, required fluids and full tank of fuel- ready to ride.
    (All figures are preliminary and subject to change.)

    We gave $500 more for it under that assumption and it is not a limited model , So where is our extra $500 dollars at ? Do we get a $500 check back in the mail from Honda ?

  • Roadragepersonified

    This is the site I got specks from .

  • Michael

    I have purchased the 2011 Matte Orange Metallic and was told that it is a LE of 1500 and I have been researching it myself of actual production #’s same as the Matte Silver. Any info would be great also