Yamaha Motor Europe have just posted a new video up on Youtube about their Yamalube motor oil and why you should use it on your Yamaha products.  They are pretty damn convincing or very good at brainwashing!

The video is pretty educational, explaining how motorcycle engines and car engines are very different, what a motorcycle engine really needs, and why Yamalube is very well suited for the job.

Various graphs, charts, shots of scientists making oil, and the accented British narrator have further convinced me that I need to get Yamalube and perhaps even be adding it into my morning bowl of cereal.

So who is using Yamalube and how much more is it then regular motor oil for your motorcycle?  The Yamaha website only teases me with a “TBA” next to how much this stuff costs.

See the rest of the article for their 5 minute and change video on why Yamalube is the greatest thing since sliced bread.

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  • Gerwin

    Boy, are you easily impressed. Were you impressed by all those graphs? Did you actually read them? And haven’t you noticed the completely wrong firing sequence of the 4 cylinder inline engine ?

  • Sarcastic

    I could sense a hint of sarcasim in his writing. He was merely mocking the Yamalube and youtube video.

  • Thanks “Sarcastic” ;),

    I was indeed making a subtle jab at Yamaha, with all their graphs, charts and scientists-mixing-engine-oil shots.

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8AOfbnGkuGc Buy..Yamalube.

  • Gerwin

    That was good and well done sarcasm 🙂 Bring on more!

  • Matt Cuddy

    I’ve used Yamalube R in my two stroke dirt bikes for the last 15 years or so, have found that pistons, rings and stuff like that lasts way past what I’ve gotten out of other oils. Like the top end on my CR500, about eight years between overbores and rings last for about 4 years. And it was ridden every weekend and not babied in any way.

  • That’s good to hear that it’s not just some marketing gimmick, Matt.

    Thanks for your input. (note: there was no sarcasm in this comment…this isn’t sarcasm either!)

  • Nate

    Nice idea Matt Cuddy but how do you know the YamaLube had anything to do with it? Anyone know who’s making the Yamalube? Obviously, Yamaha didn’t go out and start drilling for oil and then open up a processing plant…

  • Sarcastic

    Yeah seriously Nate, Yamaha is making better oil than amsoil, royal purple, mobil one, and all the high quality oil manufactures out there. Yamaha is in the market of making motorcycles, not oil. As always there’s no way to prove that using oil A for the life of the vehicle instead of oil B will make the vehicle last X amount of miles longer. You can only hope your making the best choice based on the quality of the oil you choose.