The Christy’s Art Center in Sag Harbor, New York will be home for 18 classic motorcycles from Billy Joel’s personal collection, on display until June 20th.  Along with the vintage bikes will be various motorcycle themed pieces of art.  Nothing is for sale, “unless someone makes him a crazy offer, Billy might be the music man but he’s also a businessman,” jokes Rob Schneider, co-curator.

Watch the interviews with Billy Joel about the exhibit after the jump.

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  • Claudia

    I have not seen a Panhead since 1977 and I really enjoyed seeing yours at the show.Amazing as you are, I was very surprized to see how stock, looking, optimizing perfect detailed ect…I fell inlove

  • Viv Harris

    I am sad to have missed the show , will it happen again?
    With a garage full of motorcycles myself, and a Billy fan I feel I have missed out!

  • bruce brockett

    on the rick dale restoration show they keep calling the bike a 850 whats that all about.